LootHunter Twitch clips

(LootHunter_twitch) #1

Work in progress for streaming. Having a decent PC makes it so much easier, but i’m also learning more about Twitch and creating highlights.

Was farming McNally and ended up doing it in a way i’ve never done…oddly after all these years. Good fun trying to drop right in his face, then dully blowing it off :wink:

Jack using low level Stormfront and Slagga in Normal:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #2

followed :wink::wink:

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #3

Me too!

(LootHunter_twitch) #4

The pain, the suffering :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(LootHunter_twitch) #5

Literally used a Pimpernel, Sandhawk, Harold and Hornet. Been suing the Hornet from WEP all the way to Sawtooth. Bee was 53, Hornet 52. Makes UVHM easier than TVHM by a mile…

(LootHunter_twitch) #6

Yee old Tubby Midget. Can’t believe he droppped Carnage :laughing:

(LootHunter_twitch) #7

Whoop whoop :smile: 72 at last. Refined my skag farming for much quicker XP. Dope, as Zed would say.

(LootHunter_twitch) #8

Was looking for Legendary Siren, got it. + Stormfront and other nicey things…