Looting Etiquette

When you beat a boss with the help of other players and he finally drops the legendary you’ve been waiting for what is the etiquette? Does the person hosting the game get first dibs on it or does it tend to be every man for himself?
I’m finding one of the bosses hard to beat solo but don’t want to call in help if it means losing the chance at a legendary.

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I would like to think that the host has dibs on the loot, but in the field with public randoms, I think it tends to be every man for himself (not every time, but often enough).


I never play public anymore, but what they said. I’d always back off and let the host decide if they want it; if you’re planning on farming with others in the game, grab the stuff immediately!

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If your hosting, set the ground rules. Whoever doesn’t like it, kick em!
That may sound harsh to some, but i prefer to have straight up players in my game. And i walk that walk in another hosts game also.
I have fun shooting rabid skags, not chasing robbing dogs!
Good luck my friend :thumbsup:


this, but if you have a game open to anyone it never works out that way.

I usually don’t worry about it as I have several private farms set up. So unless I’m right there and have space to grab it (my game), then it’s up for grabs

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