Lootology 101 - A compilation of community guides

Welcome to Lootology 101!

This thread serves as a hub to all helpful info-sponge worthy guides made by the lovely members of this community. Have a guide or know of one that should be added? Comment below or message me. Thanks for everyones hard work!

:star: :exclamation: New :exclamation: @Jefe’s Visual shield parts guide

:star: @DemoniteBL’s Complete splash damage guide

:star: @VaultHunter101’s A guide to RNG and loot

:star: @xmngr’s Guide to farming loot

:star: @BTKs Max stat gear list

:star: @DeputyChuck’s Guide to splash damage

:star: @xmngr’s Badass weapons name guide

:star: @Troubled’s Guide to Jakobs

:star: @DeputyChuck’s Critical hit bonus sources

:star: @orion5666’s Almanac of every lootable object

:star: @xmngr’s Weapon prefix guide

:star: @xmngr’s Gibbed items for dummies

:star: @VaultHunter101’s Compilation of part spotter guides

:star: @Derch’s Ultimate Bekah guide

:star: @Derch’s The good, the bad and the ugly of red text weapons

:star: @Blutfatal’s Dear Doctor Dumbass - a guide to min/maxing

:star: @DeputyChuck’s Quest Rewards Worth Farming

:star: @anon43818509’s Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H Loot Maps

For quick reference in the mean time :


I’m pretty sure I ported over the DDD master.

For BL2? Im not seeing it, blut…

Must have been one of the ones I bitched about not being able to post because of that stupid cap.

Orange drops can come from any enemy, I got a legendary SMG from a skag.

What does that have to do with this topic?

Yeah I ported over finally.

I think they were just adding a random tid bit about loot. Mayhaps not quite understanding the meaning of this thread.


That’s what I assume also.

I see there are “top gear” threads for a couple of the characters now; could perhaps link to them?

I think we might do the same thing as last time and have those on a separate thread.

Ported this:

Just transferred thread from old forums (finally!):

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(Finally) added the above guides.

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Could you add my Legendary weapon guides?

@Kitty that link in the OP is missing the “Old” part in the address to make it work :slight_smile:

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@Kitty_Jo That link in the OP is missing the “http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/oldforums/20150308093344/” part in the address to make it work. :slight_smile:

…doesn’t sound as well the second time around :disappointed:

Added Derchs red text weapon guide.

Added Derchs ultimate Bekah guide.
Thanks for making a couple new guides here lately @Derch. The BL2 Lootology has been a bit bare since we moved here.

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