Lootology 101 - A compilation of community guides

Added @xmngr’s Badass weapons name guide and @Troubled’s guide to Jakobs in the OP.


Thanks Kitty :smiley:

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Just ported this @Kitty_Jo

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Just fixed a broken link in the Part Spotter’s Guide port, and added repaired links to all of Zoo’s original max stats summaries on Google Docs.

Could someone please double-check I didn’t screw up any of the other links? :flushed:

What the ■■■■. I never received any kind of notification about you tagging or even replying here, @Chuck80.
My sincerest apologies.

Will get that added in a jiffy!

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No problems Kitty :blush:

could you add this to the index kitty please? :blush:

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Added. Thank you :smile_cat:


thank you kitty <3


I’ve just finished expanding the “Part Spotter’s Guides” post to include more of the original information on weapon parts and names, so you might want to adjust the entry title in your list.

Also, while I have your attention, any chance of including the RNG port/compilation?


@Kitty_Jo: the link to Demonite’s complete splash damage guide doesn’t actually point at anything right now!

It should be this link:


Fixed. Finally.
Discourse was giving me error codes when i was last editing it. Must have screwed it up in the process.

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It seems to be broken again. The link is currently pointing to:


instead of


Everything from the ? onwards needs to go.

The hell. It’s working just fine for me…??

Ive tried it on my other 3 devices too and it’s working on them as well.

OK, clarification: It does work, but there’s extraneous text in the link which sometimes throws things off a bit. If you can, just edit out the ? and everything after it - thanks!

Lootology my items back… how about that… not being mean here I’m just sad that I lost them all

If you lost stuff, you could try posting in the relevant tech support category for help, or contacting GBX support directly.

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On 360 you have a backup copy that might still have your items.
I’m not sure how you load it though , I havent been on 360 for a while.

You can’t load the back-up copy yourself. The game will fall back on it if possible should the main save be corrupted, but the backup is not always as up-to-date. And if, for some reason, the save file got so hosed that it effectively disappeared from disk (or the account holder accidentally deleted it), it’s gone.

To @devilshadow37501: you could try restarting the game and seeing if it recovers your save file if you just hit “Continue”. No guarantees though.