Lootpacks in Competetive Multiplayer

Hi Gearbox!

I know you are the Lootmaster of Desaster and I was suprised that there are no Lootpacks as a Reward if you play Versus. You become some Credits in the End but it is not the same. It would be nice if you defeat your Enemy and become a random Lootdrop for example. The only chance to get fast some Loot is the Story-Mode and that is a little bit sad. The Core is the Versus and I think I’m not the only Person who would love to see that in the Future.
I hope you Girls and Guys from Gearbox think about that. :slight_smile:

You can buy lootpacks with credits. Play competitive, buy packs. Random dropped loot is one of the factors for bringing people to story mode. I personally play them for Legendary loot and more xp.

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