Lootpocalypse Any Time Soon?

I feel like such an ungrateful child for asking this but we’ve had some GREAT updates lately that have brought new players into the game. They’ve yet to experience a lootpocalypse (while quite a few of us vets are itching for a new one)

I’ve been saving plenty of my gear packs and coins for one because I hate feeling like I wasted them when I buy them a week before a lootpocalypse. Obviously, holding onto loot and coins is not how devs want us to play, but I’ve hoarded so much it would be a waste to not take advantage of better drop rates/discounted packs.

So can we PLEASE have a lootpocalypse come about soon? I’m begging :sweat:


As much as I hate being Negative Nancy again: One of my biggest concerns when loot and XP boosters were put into the marketplace was that events like that won’t happen anymore. :frowning:

What we’ve gotten lately was Battleplans with next to no info in it and a “Spend money on boosters and packs!” at the end. Boldur still can ruin an otherwise perfectly fine game, new people on PC can’t get past level 2 without help because no one flips the switch to allow them at least into the regular Bots Battle, matchmaking still is “stomp or be stomped” most of the time (not on PC anymore, because it’s basically always the same players in any game now), etc.

It is just heartbreaking having to watch the playerbase on PC shrink from numbers where quickmatch deserved to have that name to a point where I can’t even finish a daily quest like “play 3 Meltdown games” within 2 weeks.

I was almost begging on my knees for multiple things since the release of the trial. I’ve seen the same thing coming that has happened with the Humble Bundle last year, when matchmaking was turned into a stampede just when we’ve reached a point again where Meltdown matches could be found in off peak hours. I feel sadness when thinking about what could’ve been done.

I’d love to see some events that don’t require adding a queue that dies within a few hours again, but the lorem ipsum Battleplans lately send me the message that nothing is gonna happen anymore.


@wrriddle Y’all had it coming. Y’all let it happen. And it’s not just affecting your playerbase.

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I tried finding the thread, @Ashbweh might know whch one it is, but it was discussed that they were considering permanently increasing the chances for high quality loot in PvE.

I doubt we’ll get it though. The absence of devs on the forums, lack of events & queue changes are rather troubling.


The unnofical discord has AMAs

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Yeah I know the one you’re on about, it was just after the patch came out! No idea where though :confused:

Sad but true. But we got that Benedict mode coming this weekend… yay.

Although, I’m pretty sure packs were cheaper last week, not sure if they still are!



They were, 15% off. And no, not anymore :confused:


I’ve been holding on to my credits just for the hopes of a lootpocolypse but it seems like a pipe dream :confused:

As @wrriddle said,


Had what coming? And how did we, the players, ‘let’ it happen?

I too would like to see more events but I don’t have much hope for them anymore. Increasingly makes looking at BB in my steam list sadder and sadder.


If I recall correctly, have´nt they increases legendary droprates in general PvE after the first or 2nd Lootpocalypse, in the way that the droprate is basically the same as Lootpocalypse 1.0?

(Lootpocalypse 1.0 had increased yet still underwhelming droprates, and the community called for a further increase which came 2-3 days later as hotfix.)

I run mostly PvE and in 2 of 3 Missions I get Legendary gear, and this since before the Winter Update. Could be I´m just lucky, but if so Im lucky for months in a row now… Droprates in 2016 felt faaaar worse, I cheered upon every purple and orange item.

I´ll search through the Battleplans from last summer/autumn, maybe I find something about this…


Did we now? Sorry, but I don’t really like being blamed for killing the game when in fact I tried my best I could do, as “the random nobody with not much time for gaming” I am, to keep it alive and even went past a threshold last year that endangered my mental constitution.

Since release I’ve offered new people on reddit or ingame to play with me to give them at least one teammate who doesn’t flame them for every mistake they make, lately I’ve mostly tried to rescue trial players from novice queue by pulling them into Bots Battle for levelling. I wrote a tutorial here and on reddit how bots can be used to learn the basic concepts of the game to maybe show some people that there is some way to experience the game in a slower pace first. I bought a Humble Bundle and gave it away on reddit. I’ve spent money on platinum out of good will. I’ve linked almost every shift code and Battleplan to reddit to give it more visibility and sometimes was insulted for that because some people just didn’t understand that I’m not working for Gearbox but was just the courier. I’ve created a Steam Group (which failed spectacularly) in hope to get some people together and help them find a few games. And more.

Sorry, but I’m not feeling responsible for killing the game on every platform. My efforts to support the game were sometimes almost sabotaged by some strange decisions that were made.

  • The introduction of and the focus on the Marketplace while the game still has glaring issues.
  • Stomps galore matchmaking when new players were incoming in bigger numbers (sometimes those stomps happened even in the form of triple Galilea in Chaos Rumble).
  • Removal of choice in gamemodes.
  • Glaring issues in PvP and PvE that were ignored for a long time.
  • Slow reaction times (sorry, but when your playerbase drops by 50% over one weekend and reddit and the official forum is spammed with the reasons behind it, it’s a bad idea to just wait it out).

Those were some reasons why players left. Lootpocalypse, Double XP, play with the devs were events which brought in players, but they have to be advertised and there has to be something in place to avoid that those people leave again for the very same reason like many thousands before.

This is no rant, I honestly don’t know what I should’ve done more.


The PC plqyerbase didn’t give the game a chance. Most people gave into the bandwagon hate. Some even joined it. All those people whining “borderlands 3.” All the talk about “the community needs to do this” but never taking action. Believe what you want, the community is the main reason the game is struggling.

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Key word “y’all.” Not “You”

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I think it depends on the mission. On the Algorithm the drop rates are insanely high, and you can even get the legendaries twice from the same boss!

Thoughts on these ideas:

  1. Give an increase to legendary drop rates.

  2. Normal - Boss drops common or above
    Normal hardcore - uncommon or above
    Advanced - rare or above
    Advanced hardcore - epic or above

Either way, something needs to change with Legendary drop rates, as the later missions feel like they really aren’t worth it.

Advanced hardcore heliophage takes at least 40 minutes, the drop rates are pretty poor AND you might not even get it max roll!


I proposed once that the bosses in the boss rush could get a small chance to drop epics. In my opinion this would ease the pain a little since there is no good way of farming those in the game yet.

Three whites and a green most of the time is underwhelming for the finale of the game.


That’s simply not true. We’ve discussed the topic to death what happened with the game, in many threads across both here and reddit. Wrriddle compiles just a few reasons why the game struggled in the above post, and there are more we’ve well talked about by now. I do not believe the community was the death of the game, because if the community determined whether a game struggles or succeeds, no PvP game would ever succeed.

The community could only do so much, and it should not be the player’s responsibility to keep the game afloat.


Maybe this is the point where my perspective lacks, since I rarely play advanced and even more rarely I dip into hardcore…

To struggle through Heliophage Advanced H. without at least purple loot must be frustrating indeed. I play Renegade and Voids Edge normal/advanced mostly and get drowned in orange loot…

I conclude: Increased droprates for Hardcore would be neat.


That’s basically the outside people with the hate. Yea we have our share of outspoken babies & ban happy children in the pc playerbase but there is no way we are to blame for everything falling apart. I know many of us were outspoken on discords and forums on changes.

Many people wanna play fair games and matches that you don’t have to wait 1000 years for and right now no one wants to do that. Can’t talk about the entire pc community but The ones I know don’t have patience to wait for change. They will play other games till change comes then try the game again or not


It’s all your fault RedX :wink:


Of course the community isn’t the only reason. But they are the biggest by far from my perspective. If people don’t want to wait in long queue times, then they need to get more people in the game. There is Nothing, I repeat NOTHING that gearbox can or could do to make that happen. All 3 communities have to understand that there is no fix that can happen over an update or two. Everyone currently playing needs to understand that the player base will improve if people join. And the people joining need to understand this even more. It’s truly as simple as that. As long as the new and current people understand that growth will happen with all players having this foresight, the player base will prosper. If we deny that then we are just digging a deeper hole. One that we’ve been digging from the start. Know this. Please.

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