Lootpocalypse - Next week (Fri 15th - Mon 18th)

So, we had a pretty decent upgrade to our legendary hunting, next week looks like it’s the big chance to really get what you want. Quote from Battleplan:

You guys know us – we’re all about the loot. We know you guys are too, so that’s why last week, we made some pretty significant changes that made the loot you want easier to get. As if that wasn‘t enough, next week, we’ll be holding our first loot based event: The Battleborn Lootpocalypse! From 8am PT on Friday, July 15th until 8am PT on Monday, July 18th, we’ll be raising the droprates of legendary gear through the roof! We’ll have more details in next week’s Battleplan, but make sure to clear your calendars and prepare for the Lootpocalypse!

HOPEFULLY this will include the loot packs, because I’ve literally spent 60,000 credits in the past few weeks on LLC packs and got nothing…zip! But hey ho.


Yay, finally the Brutes of the Boot and Vow of Vengeance will be mine!


Hope it means 100% drops, as I’ve been running the Saboteur over and over and not getting the end boss drops. But it’s the LLC loot pack I want. I wants that ‘Executive Insurance Policy’…

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Here is your local time for the event:

Start: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Lootpocalypse+start&iso=20160715T08&p1=137

End: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Lootpocalypse+end&iso=20160718T08&p1=137


Thank you, this will help a lot of people.

ahah just when I got the Boots of the Brute the semi-hard way.
Curse you, GBX, curse youuuu !

No wait no bless you actually.

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[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:3, topic:1540414, full:true”]Hope it means 100% drops, as I’ve been running the Saboteur over and over and not getting the end boss drops.

I highly doubt that. Double drop rate, maybe, but guaranteed legendary drops? Especially since it’s possible for bosses to drop 2 legendaries at a time? I sincerely doubt that. Didn’t they also say “loot” in general, not just legendaries? If that’s the case, expect a rain of white, green, blue, and purple too.

Also, I can understand the logic behind a higher legendary drop rate from packs, but, at the same time, I’m not sure I agree with it. Unless the devs have some way of flagging a pack for when it was purchased (e.g. whether it was purchased during the LOOTPOCALYPSE or not), it just encourages people to hoard up their loot packs now and blow them all at once during the event.

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extra characters because required

[quote=“burningamd, post:8, topic:1540414, full:true”]So?

Hoarding up loot packs beforehand isn’t really “taking part in the event”. You’re just saving stuff up beforehand and then cashing it in during the event. For much the same reason that they didn’t double the sell price of items during the double credits event, it’s somewhat contrary to the point of the event to allow people to gain the benefits without actually running any content.

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It might as well be “Boots of the Brute” weekend for me. Running pre-made Advanced “The Saboteur” missions as much as possible.

Once (hopefully) I get the boots next up is Vynns Quiver.

I have Vow of Vengeance and it’s pretty good but I’m really thinking Legendaries that have the unique effect of CC are better in the long run.


Guys, remember to clean up your gear bank before diving into lootpocalypse!


Not sure if you realize this, but you can still get loot when you’re inventory is full. You just can’t access it until you bring your inventory down below your max. I’ve heard stories of people with over 400 items in their “inventory” even though we’re capped at being able to see/interact with 199.

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You’re right. You cannot open new packs though.

By the way, anyone knows the answer to the question in OP? Are legendary loot packs going to drop too?

hope some pvp players get love.

ive played like 600 matches and opened god knows how many epic packs.

think i only got 3 legendaries so far but they all suck suck suck.

tried running a few advanced pve missions but never got a single legendary. i hate pve so i pretty much wasted a few hours for nothin.

hope pvp players can get some legendary gear too.

maybe just make a legendary gear box purchasble for 10k creds ? plz? i really think pve is boring its just so repetitive and long.

Wow, I wasn’t able to free myself from Epics during last few coops (literary 1-2 epics per mission) and ppl here complain about low drop rates. Was there some “decrease” patch lately or smthn?

ill probaly try to run adv heliophage the small amount of time i have that weekend because its likely not going to be any better a time to do so :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but they were pretty low until recently. Now we’re being showered with legendaries, which is fine for me because there are a few I’ve either never gotten or want to get the max rolls for.

Like so many other things in BB, that’s a carryover from Borderlands (specifically, BL2/TPS). Played some COOP with a pal running a Krieg with a couple hundred items in his backpack. See, even though you can’t pick up anything over your limit there, it still has to GIVE you any mission rewards/etc. So dude had all the boss drops he wanted, or he had a few throwaways on hand. Want to pick up that max-absorb-rate Sham that just dropped? Equip a crap shield from your inventory, then hold [whatever_button] to swap for the one on the ground in front of you. It was pretty nuts. Re-run the story a few times for the junk mission rewards early on, so you have stuff to swap out for any good drops.

So, BB isn’t so different. It CAN’T stop you from keeping gear that you’ve acquired legitimately, and even more, it can’t stop you from picking up gear as you move through a mission. So you just can’t SEE all of your inventory without clearing up some room. You can still edit your loadouts, though, with the X number of items that you can see in the bank. The BB bank is kinda like a hybrid of the BL2 bank and backpack and Claptrap stash.

Anyhow, yeah, gonna make some room. I’ve already sold a ridiculous amount of legendary gear this weekend; for instance, had Geoff drop me the dreaded DOUBLE Firmware Upgrade 1.51 (weak stats, though, and I already have a max-stats one), and oddly they were IDENTICAL stats. Well, that’s 500 more credits than I had before…

Been getting lucky already with the legendary drops, and with Lootpocalypse almost upon us, I’m about to clear out everything that isn’t either white or orange (I like to keep one or two CHEAP loadouts on hand for when I know I’ll need to use a lot of buildables).

On a slightly irrelevant note, I can’t help but say “LOOTPOCALYPSE” without doing it in Montana’s voice.


So what are the most desired pieces of loot out there? I’m still somewhat new to the game and I’m not completely sure what I should be farming for.