Lootpocalypse v2.0? Increased duration!

Faction loot packs reverted back to their regular price of 1,900 credits about five hours ago, but I just noticed that they have been reduced back down to 800 credits.
Does this mean that the Lootpocalypse is continuing? Now all we need is double (or triple) credits and a shift code for a legendary loot pack! (Or two or five or twenty) Wink wink, nudge nudge


How about they add legendary loot packs to the store for two days at a cost of 5 credits? :joy:

5 credits is 4 too many, and two days is five too few.
How about we just get the option to buy one specific piece of gear at the price of a loot pack of that gear’s rarity, until the end of the week?
Like say, if I wanted a flawed epic Jennerit battery (+shield capacity, +skill damage) WINK WINK NUDGE SHOVE I could buy it for however much an epic gear pack costs. Just select the gear type, rarity, and faction/manufacturer from a list (Like using Gibbed) and choose if you want a flawed variant or not. No more buying endless loot packs in tne pursuit of one very specific item. Oh, and it would have max stats, of course.
While you’re at it GBX, I also want an epic LLC pin/badge (+skill damage, +shield capacity) NOT flawed, and with max stats.

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These are all very reasonable requests

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