Lootpocalypse would be great if

Lootpocalypse would be great if I could get into my command screen consistently to open packs or sell gear. It’s getting too tedious to have to reset my game after each game played.


…I’d get excited it every piece of gear wasn’t tailored for PvP.
i.e. In Story mode a cap on Sprint of 9.8 is miserable.

Hmm, I only have to reset about 1/4 of the time. The rng gods of technical issues must like me better than you.

Best recommendation, just let them stack up. Items earned after missions will go into your inventory past the normal limit.

Makes for a single long selling spree, but wont tie you up in reloading the game over and over.

And before anyone says “you shouldn’t have to deal with it”. I’m fully aware of that, but things are the way they are and have been for a while.

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In case you don’t know, you can back just back out to the title screen then back in instead of completely shutting down the game and reloading it. Basically the same thing, but a little shorter.

I inderstand the frustration though. I suffer from the same issue. Back to title screen after every story match to clear out gear.

That works if you’re looking at the games history, but not when you’re in the command menu. At least on PS4 there is no option to back out. It’s shut down or wait for the game to start. When a game starts it automatically brings into the character choice menu.

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Sorry, yes. Once you’re stuck in the loading screen, you’re stuck. I just meant in between matches.

Soon! A fix should (hopefully) be in the upcoming update.

They’ve confirmed itll be in the next patch fyi

I’d you haven’t heard, the Operations will have gear with PVE effects that are almost useless in PVP

I’m looking forward to that gear, but can’t imagine how they’re doing that, unless it’s increased damage against a certain enemy type or something.

I’m excited to see what they have in the pipe.

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