Lootpocolypse loot luck(?)

Something weird happened to me during this loot event. I’ve gotten ~15 (i sold some duplicates so i forget the exact number) legendary gears from different bosses. Now the weird thing is that they are all max roll. All of them have the maximum stats for that peice of gear. Now either the rng gods are in an especially giving mood or it has something to do with the loot event. Just want to know if anyone else has been getting max roll legendary gear for all their lootpocolypse loot or if it is just my lucky day.

I’ve heard most people are actually having difficulty. Either they fixed it, or you should go buy a lottery ticket.

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I tried 3 different runs…1 with friends…two solo and…

All three times I got WORSE loot than I have in the past not even a Blue…with decent scores.

Frustrating and sure it’s RMD.

But I stopped playing and went to Doom.

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I must’ve cut off a priest in traffic or something because my luck has been abysmal.

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Unfortunately, the friends I played with had already had several runs with similar luck. Perhaps the patch is not taking properly for the loot drops.

I am a big fan of the game but this was not what I expected. Color me disappointed.

I don’t expect or want stuff to be handed to me on a platter but for a special event like this I would expect loot to be far more forthcoming.

@JoeKGBX Perhaps this is something you might want to look into…

Exhuasted from everyone keeps selecting The Saboteur every-single-time it pops up. The failing to drop probably doesn’t help.

I can’t really speak to the star rolls, because my loot luck has been exactly nil.

Zero leg drops from 5 or 6 runs.

Yeah yeah. Small sample size, rng, etc. Still sucks.

Though tangentially, rng has REALLY been on my side for skins and taunts. Bought a couple faction packs while they’re cheap, and got at least 1 skin/taunt in nearly all of them (or the credits in place of a skin/taunt already unlocked). I even had 1 pack drop 3

Rng is a fickle deity.

I’ve ran the sentinel six.f*cking.times and didn’t get vyns quiver and only got greens GREENS

greenpocolypse weekend!

Idk how but i got THIS today:

(i apparently have Every jennerit legendary except the Voxis core, the one i really want XD)



Nothing on my end.

Yeah that’s still locked it’s been locked for 2 months now

Yeah i know, but im pretty sure they can drop while suspended right?
I know i got my Vigilance Link while it was suspended.

I believe so I got Voxis core on my first fight with hylis lol

I’ve been having better than usual luck with drop rates, especially Rare, Epic and Legendary gear.

Voxis Core is a loot pack legendary…

Hylis drops the Stable Executioner, Vow of Vengeance, Leechsteel Brooch, and Oath of the Sustained.

I think that people that are having bad luck have the time to come onto the forums to ask questions about it. Those with amazing luck (like OP) tend to just keep farming and get more! So I honestly believe that the views of the event are a little skewed at the moment.

As for me, I’ve had increased drops of everything. I had runs in which I got nothing but greens/whites (but a whole friggin lot!) and runs in which it was raining a glorious orange all over the place. And this is over 15+ runs across two days, varying from solo to 4-man and everything in between.

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[quote=“jacksfields, post:18, topic:1541060, full:true”]So I honestly believe that the views of the event are a little skewed at the moment.

It’s not just me, though. Everyone I have run with, even in games that I am not taking part in, has noticed that, at best, the drop rate is roughly the same and, at worst, significantly lower; many of those who have noticed the low drop rate and don’t post on the forums have stopped playing. If what you’re saying is true, the ratio of people who have awesome drop rates compared to those who don’t should be increasing, which would then suggest that I wouldn’t be hearing from other people about the lackluster lootpocalypse.

My post was just my thoughts and as such speculation. I have no hard facts and only my own experience to go off of. However, I’m also very familiar with the human habit of complaining before praising and as a result I tend to take these struggles with a grain of salt.

Maybe it’s simply expectations. If you expect to get a legendary or two every run, and then you find out they’re not guaranteed you’re naturally going to be disappointed.

All I can attest to is that I’ve noticed in increase in volume mostly, and a bit of an increase in quality.