Lootsplosion causing crashes?

I havent had many crashes. This morning I dropped down to M4 to putz around in DLC 2. Modifiers were lootsplosion and something else i cant remember now. I crashed like 8 times in the span of an hour or 2. I bumped back up to M8 with no lootsplosion and didnt crash for the other hour I played. Anyone else had this issue?

I generally run with Lootsplosion on. M6 on the PS4. I have not had crashes. I do get hit with lag from time to time.

Likewise, never had a crash with Lootsplosion from M1-M3 on XB1 (original).

I’d look at the other modifier, especially if it was one with a continuous status effect or that chained between multiple targets.

Lootsplosion, buddy system, and the healing bot one (i cant recall the name) allways make my xb crash i guess the extra load? But no crashes long as i dont have thise mods on

u think too much, no any modifier would cause game crashing or freezing

I have issues with lootsplosion, not by itself, but when combined with high firerate guns and/or lots of explosions.