Lootsplosion modifier, is it worth using?

The time ive played i cant really see it being viable other than needing money or eridium. This being my experience the drops i look for arent impacted enough to keep using it. Anyone have a different opinion or experience that keeps you using it? Or what modifier do you like in the first column??

@Prismatic wrote somewhere that the lootsplosion loot does not scale to mayhem levels, so …
(I hope it was him btw)

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Speed Demon is probably the most beneficial of the easy modifiers. But I wonder how crazy Zanes speed gets with that.

Could Zane jump straight to the bridge part of the raid after killing the valks with all of his speed bonuses, bonuses from gear, and three stacks of speed demon?


So far i havent had anything drop that keeps me using it so you might be right.

Ahhh hadnt thought of that but i had to modify his setup anyway when i started using him. He moved to fast for me :grin:. Would run right by enemies sometimes.

I’ve been using Lootsplosion as it does seem to add to $ drops, and I’m still working on maxing out the new SDU slots for all my characters.

But that’s probably the only real use for it if the loot doesn’t scale with Mayhem. Speaking of which, yet another poorly implemented feature of Mayhem 2.0.

The more I learn about the new system, the more it makes me facepalm.


Lootsplosion adds cash not items in my experience. Your interest is cash is likely highly variable.

The speed mod seems good but in practice is has killed me more than it has heloed me since it kicks in and I zip over an edge or something but I a,lready have a ton of speed boosts for Zane.

Yeah im still reserved about how i feel towards it.

Lootsplosion is probably the safest modifier to use if you are still levelling up a character in NVHM but have already completed main story. It gives you the benefit of level scaling without putting you in situations were you might feel the missing skill points (most likely with the higher mayhem level modifiers). And as mentioned, if you’re still levelling you probably also want the cash.

Once at a decently high (or max) level and maximum SDUs, it doesn’t do much. I have seen the odd drop from badasses in Guts or Devil’s Razor that aren’t the Loot the Universe gear type for those maps, but I don’t know if that’s a side effect of lootsplosion (which I have seen a lot of!) or just the inevitable drops based on enemy tier (which I have also seen a lot of!)

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With a max Zane it definitely feels like its holding him back instead of helping other than money. With drops im looking for its trial and error figuring whats what with these mods but i agree, a low level would seem more helpful :+1:.

Honestly I think Lootsplosion is the reason why I get more than a dozen legendaries littering the floor every round in a slaughter. Before then, I was barely getting anything.


Not so sure about that any more. I think the good loot would have dropped anyways. Been using lootsplosion alot and I have to agree… Nothing substantial other than money and eridium.

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Galaxy brain and Holy Crit are a winning combination, provided you aim for the head.


Nope! Currently the best modifier is Slayer because it let’s you insta-kill enemies with a melee when they are below 15% health. This includes most bosses. If you are Amara and use TTB you can PG the low health enemy and insta-kill every linked enemy. Moxsy made a video showing him doing 1 billion damage to Traunt with it.

Probably gonna get fixed though. Enjoy while you can. I know I am.

PS. It doesn’t work for Fish Slap melee challenge though. At least from what I tried, maybe it was a bug for me because neither Facepuncher nor Fish Slap grenade worked either when people said they did.


Good to know, thanks!

When I saw the Fishslap challenge I just thought would never happen for me. Then I got a Fishslap grenade & finished him off with that. Got the challenge point only to the see you need to do more than one :grimacing: Just confirming that for me it did count towards the challenge.

I did it 3 times with Fish Slap grenade and none of them counted.

I had to go back to normal m0 and then ran around with FYC, Facepuncher, Cutpurse, and some melee boosts to get it. First time I shot him with FP and it didn’t count either, so I just got him down to a little bit of health and punched him myself.

If he picks up an elemental DoT, you have to time it just right to get the kill over the damage ticks.

Thing was Slayer insta-kills on melee hit so the moment he glows blue you can just hit him and he dies. No DOTs I would wait for them to go before hitting him but still wouldn’t work.

I did other stuff to get it anyway so it doesn’t matter as much to me now, but something is definitely bugged there.

Yup, I was disappointed that they don’t work. Also the wacky rubber modifier on the grenade makes it unreliable for my knife drain builds. I was excited about this new grenade, but like most of the additions from last week, it’s underwhelming in practice.

I know this post is a little old now but, when I have been using lootsplosion it seemed like it helped on the loot drops for the bosses. Before I used it sometimes I might would only get one or two legendaries from a boss even on mayhem 10, but now that I’ve started using the modifier I’m usually getting five as long as I kill with Crits. My only concern is that I wonder if it changes the loot pool somehow from the bosses to make it all world drops because it’s reading as a lootsplosion drop and not a boss drop. I say that because sometimes it seems like I’m not getting as good of a chance to get things from their loot pool with it but I haven’t used it enough to say for sure

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