LootTheWorld Shutting Down Soon

[quote]LootTheWorld will be shutting down the week of October 18, 2015. After the app shuts down, you will no longer be able to send loot from the app to Borderlands 2. Send over any loot you’re hanging on to as soon as possible.

We will update this article with a firm shut-down date as soon as we have more information. [/quote]

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Never used it is it any good?

You could supposedly even get Legendary items from it. I’m guessing there are probably some limitations to what you could get, meaning a Norfleet was probably not an option. I never used it myself.

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I used it religiously when it launched, scanning everything. Stopped using it about four or five months ago, just got tired of all the white items. Sorry to see it go but it makes sense.

Well this sucks… I’m just now reading about this for the first time. :frowning: Yeah the LTW app was pretty cool at times, I’ve gotten quite a fair amount of good loot from it. Off the top of my head I’ve gotten a Storm Front, several Leg COM’s, a Hellfire, a Maggie, a ton of Plasma Casters, The Bee, Eviscerating Shock Gunerang, a Volcano, a ton of Sniders, Jakobs and Torgue shotguns, Infinity, a Shredifier, a Quasar, a Gub, and a lot more that I’m sure I’m forgetting… Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

You could get legendaries indeed. I got level 50 neogenitor off of it. Granted 99% of it was crap loot, but there were a few websites dedicated to cataloging decent loot the world gear. Since it was basically a QR/bar code scanner, the same bar code could be used by a certain amount of players until it was no longer valid.

That App and Golden keys kept the Maya I took to OP8 totally upgunned and ready to go at every level. It was a WONDERFUL addition and wrinkle to the game.

Wow, sad times are here. I loved this app! Box of Christmas lights turned out to be a pretty good purple Torgue Shotgun, and one of my toddler’s books was a nice Fire Maliwan SMG! Used both of them for several levels!

Also got a bunch of Legendaries like: Neogenator, White Death, Infinity, Storm Front, Quasar (man… i’m still using that thing a few months later!), Deliverance, Legendary Hunter, Legendary Berserker, Hellfire, Volcano, and a ton of nice Class Mods with the exact skill boosts that I was looking for (low level ones too!).

It let me play with so many toys without the need to farm (I can only play a few hours per week). I looked forward to leveling up so that I could use the cool new thing I just found in the app!

I really hope something like this comes back for BL3. Even my friends that don’t play BL thought it was awesome!

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I tried it a couple times then started thinking a bit more about the underlying issues to me. Phone app that has you scan in barcodes of items you (usually) purchase. Sounds like sugar-coated data collection & for a game I paid a premium for instead of FTP that’s not ok.