LordTrev_ <PSN trade

Hey guys,

I’m an amara main, looking to trade for any/all anointed gear or class mods. Check my google drive to see if anything interests you.


Anything in particular you are looking for?

Nope! Im just looking to expand my list

I’m interested by:
(Mostly)One Pump Chump 100% ASE
Itchy Flakker.

Here’s my stuff, if anything catches your eye, let me know:

Hey, i like the cutpurse deathless ya have

I would love the r4k p4kk class mod, what are you looking for and I’ll see if I have it

Nice, here’s my PSN: Heritage_LeGrand

Add me and I’ll send it your way.

I would like the fallout redsuit with phasegrasp
Singularity firestorm with ase fire
Quasar woth cryo
Engulfing cryo with ase 100%
Vigilant juju with 125%
Amara mod with wep,shotgun, tediore stats
Amara mod with crit,smg dam, and action cooldown

I have 2 Amara mods woth wep dam you do not have.
I have a facepuncher with the terror annoint
Unforgiven with max crit and ase 100%
Facepuncher with 200% melee
Knife white elephant
And a bunch of amara stuff thats awesome including weps with 100% ase dam.

Psn REd rUm

Anything good!

Yea sure ill add ya

Yea , i have the items ya need so ill add you and you can inv

I think I have an itchy flakker. I’ll log in real quick and check. Trade for r4kk p4k

I have a itchy flakker…

Everyone if you can just add me on psn LordTrev_

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