Lore Challenge Bugs (Assisting in killing other BB) in Bots Battle Mode

Hey Guys,

first I have to admit, that you put a lot of love into the Winter update so far, really appreciate it.
All of my play mates have started to reinstall BB on PS4 after the new patch, as all of us are very keen on getting the Platinum Trophy for mastering BattleBorn.
So far we have played a lot of games in different modes, including the new Bots Battle Mode. What a great idea!
I really like the approach of creating more experiences for the player, but it looks like some of the Lore Challenges categories cannot be fulfilled in Bots Battle mode.

Like many other players I have stuck at the Alani “Lifeguard” challenge which seems to be a known bug, relating to the post I have found about this topic in the forums. My main point is that every lore challenge including the task to “Assist in killing X 5 times” is not working in the Bots Battle Mode. Any other lore challenge can be fulfilled in this mode, except the assist tasks.
Just to get things clear, we don’t really like to play Battleborn in a competitive way, so answers like “Play competitive PVP” won’t be helpful here.

I would love to know if there will be more love for these points, ideally in fixing these bugs with the next update, making it possible to obtain full completion in this game.

If there are other topics discussing this issue, please help me to find it. Maybe we can get some good answers here!

The devs have already said that the remaining lore challenge bugs will be fixed as fast as possible (presumably they’ll be fixed in the next big patch)

There is also a search bar at the top of the page. Press on the little magnifying glass. Searching “Lore Challenges” there will bring you to topics such as this;

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Very intersting point here.
In my personal case, the Ernest 25k damage challenge is working, I have constant progress on this one.
I can confirm the following characters to not work regarding the Assist issue:

  • Alani
  • Galilea
  • Whiskey Foxtrott

Yes, those are not working. There are several other topics regarding Bots Battle and challenge completion. Another one here;

That thread includes a tweet from Jythri saying these problems will be fixed in the next patch.

I believe it has something to do with how the system doesn’t recognize specific bots as specific Battleborn correctly. But welcome to the forums! Good to have more people. What’s your psn? I’ll add you to the chat for ps4 forumers

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Thanks for your help Guys, really appreciate it!
Hopefully this bloody patch will be coming very soon :slight_smile:
PSN ID is: Andara_HAG

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I believe you are correct. I looks like the game doesn’t recognize a bot ambra to actually be ambra for the purpose of completing lore.

All the other lore seems to work fine.

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I am having the same issues with Alani and got this generic response.

Thank you for contacting 2K Support! We’re happy to see that you are on your way to saving the last star in the universe from Rendain and the Varelsi!

We’re sorry to hear that your lore challenge progress isn’t being properly tracked and we apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. We want you to get the best experience possible while fighting for the sake of Solus! Because of the work of diligent players like you, we’ve been able to collect enough information about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working towards a solution.

Unfortunately, Rendain is preventing us from having visibility on their progress and we are currently awaiting news regarding a resolution to the issues encountered.

Should you have any other questions for us in the meantime, feel free to ask and we will be happy to be of assistance!

Best regards,

Rogelio A.
2K Support

Well, since someone else is practicing thread necromancy on this one, allow me to address one issue that the OP had specifically:

So I learned something by accident the other day. Messing around before the doors opened in an Incursion or Meltdown match, I throw Riptide. All four teammates are in front of me and are affected by it (notionally; they were mostly standing there taunting, because REASONS). As I moved Alani forward over the still-wet ground there, I get the little popup telling me that I’m progressing on that particular challenge.

TL;DR- Try getting your BattleBros to stand still in a line, cast Riptide over them, and run forward through it, all while still in the base. Repeat. It’s cheese, but it MIGHT work.

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@ The RAbbi
I have tried your cheesy tactics many times in PVP and Bots Battle Mode, with no success at all. So from what I have heard, it seems to be totally random with no logic behind it. Also, I heard it shall be working when playing PVE on Heliophage, including Melka and Deande (the NPC’s in this mission at the beginning) into Riptide.
In the end, I did all this stuff in PVP mode now, which is a pain in the butt for me personally, because of all these kiddos jumping around all the time, no matter whether they are on your team or the opposite side…

I am really annoyed of these challenges right now, I am more than 100h into this game, enjoying it most of the time. But knowing you have to spend mimimum another 50h doing random stuff to get the platinum is just ****** up.
And yes, I am focussed on getting the platinum trophy. Playing games for such a long time, Battleborn defenitely lacks content.

Another solution for me would be to enable these challenges to be done in private PVP matches. But for whatever reason, this is not working. Jumping over the edge in PVE Hardcore missions to get progress on game completion for some characters is legit, right? I don’t get it at all…

With having no real response on a solution on that issue, I might just progress the game in a brain-afk mind state, hoping to get things done.

…To add to the craziness that’s how I did it but solo just Deande, Mellka and me.
Yeah, I know that math ain’t right.

I’m over 400 hours in, and have less than half of the lore gear. Sorry that trick didn’t work for you. :frowning: Hopefully the bots match fix (and other lore completion fixes) will come sooner than later.

I’ve platinum’d one game: No Man’s Sky. Took well less than 100 hours and wasn’t worth doing. Be thankful we’ve got a REAL developer behind Battleborn. It’ll get fixed.

Yeah, let’s see what happens here.
I am on my way to Plat No. 200, which will be Bloodborne, so my approach is another than yours :wink:
But No Man’s Sky isn’t worth to play, I totally agree.
Regarding the upcoming fix, this is more than 5 weeks now, no real plans yet. I am starting to doubt that there will be a fix very soon. That’s why we started to do things in PVP, a horrible experience :smiley: