Lore challenge details

Why cant I see the progress ofeach lore challenge? It only shows me the progress of the one in the middle. Ambra that is. Its not saying xx/xx anymore to me.

You can see the progress if you go to the Command, and then go to Carreer. You can see challenges there. When you click Characters, you can search for Ambra and click her name. It will show the progress of every single lore challenge.

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Awesome, thank you. I knew it was somewhere.

What system are you using? I can’t see the individual lore challenges on Xbone?

If you click on the character in the Command menu there should be a Lore sub-section with your current progress.

They don’t give specific details on your progress.

That’s weird. I was looking at my Reyna lore before I posted that and it does give me the progress.

You could also check “Match History” when you last played the character. There’s a tab there where you can see your progress in that game. That should give you a good indication to your progress in a specific lore challenge.

Seems from your picture that you’ve already completed that challenge (you see part of the image instead of a blue background). Try checking a character you haven’t used/used very little, it should show the progress

Yea I’m a big dummy and had just gotten the game. Thanks for the help tho!