Lore Challenge Help!

I need three (3) awesome individuals who don’t mind playing as Peacekeepers. I only need three (3) more matches, can be PvP or PvE, it don’t matter.

Hit me up, PSN:


Thanks in advance!

Hint; play story mode! everyone can play as benedict=everyone gets progression :wink:

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edit: sorry, didn’t mean for that to come across so jackassery

Well, no takers tonight. Too late, maybe, so I’m gonna get some shut eye. I normally play from 9pm-2/4am EDT, feel free to send a message or an invite and I’ll get back with ya. Doesn’t have to be a one and done deal either, you scratch my back, I scratch yours, and we all have fun together!


I play towards the earlier part of your time frame during the week (CST player) and varied times over the weekend. I have a pool of 12 BB at rank 10 and one at 12; covering all factions. PvE only, so far. PSN ID langfordrocks. Feel free to add me if you like, as well as anyone else reading this. Have yet to intentionally work on lores but was going to start soon. Thanks.

I’ll send you a message tomorrow, maybe Boldur too if we find enough?

I can help you out between 12:00am-3:00am the next four nights, though if you add me, you can see when i’m on. PSN name is the same as this one. This is how i got Benedict’s “The Tour” done myself.

I’ll help with your Buldor lore too, if we get enough. I have a friend who MAY get on just to help.

I’d be totally down for Boldur as well. And anyone else for that matter. If I’m on, we can work towards anything and everything character specific, or just mess around in game and have fun, I’m open to all. My friends are quite hesitant to get this game, May turned out to be pretty popular as far as game releases go, so I’m in need of some regulars to play with.