Lore challenge progress reset

I just used alani in campaign and dealt 3000 damage twice with her ultimate (it even notified me with a pop up) then I check her challenges and its on 0/10? Anyone else have this issue? I’m thinking of waiting a month or so for the bugs to be fixed before playing again, not just for this bug but for the others I’ve come across as well

I haven’t played her yet but some other threads have mentioned this type of thing for her as well.

Glad to know it’s just alani that has buggy lore but I think I’ll wait a bit for the bugs to be ironed out

I’ve got the same problem. None of her lore challenges track progress.

Yeah I’ve tried it a couple of times now and without fail it resets

Maybe we can get info from @JoeKGBX if this is a bug or it’s just locked until full release on 31st?

Hey guys, the team is looking into this. Would you all by chance be able to give me your match IDs from these matches? That would be a big help! Thanks!

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@JoeKGBX on the case!

I have the season pass and have Alani. Looking through command, she isn’t locked in the roster. But when I went to try her out in the safety of a private match against bots, it said she wasn’t unlocked for me. What gives?

Here are some matchID from Alani games (PC):

First is Pve match with definitely a few heals above 800: 20160524-61fa3def-d96c-4ba5-93ef-f0324892a4af.
Pvp with Galilea and some 800+ heals: 20160524-dea0d4bd-b812-4382-ad69-d9fb415d6aec

Here is my match ID: 20160524-8c35318d-1330-4394-94b9-aabc90cf3613

Ended up completing Song of the Emula but didn’t get the lore challenge completed for it.



Thank you for looking into this