Lore challenge: The Last

It say I must complete the Archive without losing lives. Does that mean if anybody on my time dies, I fail. Or is it just me?


Lives are shared so it mostly likely means no one can die. Might be easier to try soloing it.

I’m pretty sure you have to complete it without you dying. Anyone else can die.

Just finished this, advanced on hardcore, solo. Run with a common grade builder wrench that has 0 shard cost, and the same with a shard generator (common grade with like -recoil or something so it costs 0). Build lots of turrets, easy peasy. And fun!

I just finished it today. Wasn’t very hard - I didn’t even change my gear setup.

You just need to be sure you get all the shards you can, and set up Thumper turrets. There are quite a few places where you have time to backtrack and grab shards, set up turrets, etc.

Also: the Thumper turret by the first doorway (the one Chronicle blows up) is THE MOST IMPORTANT! That is where most groups fail (on the way back), as Bonecrushers and Brutes normally SHRED Chronicle there.

Thumper turrets do ABSURD amounts of damage on single player mode - like, one rocket kills anything lawl.

What makes this achievement that much easier, is that dieing is when you respawn. Being rezzed does not count as a lost life for the achievement. I died and so did one other guy when I ran this on Advanced and I still finished the Lore Challenge.

Hope that helps, just don’t respawn.