Lore challenge trophies not unlocking

This last update seems to have taken away my trophies for characters that I had previously unlocked the lore on.

On the trophy screen they no longer say unlocked and in game they say 1/2 lore completed.

All I had left to complete Platinum was a few more Clotheslines and minion Splashes with Dragoon.

1st-Anybody else having this issue?

2nd-How do I fix it?

Something similar happened to me, but only with Benedict. I just played him some more and, when I did something that counted to one of the challenges, the achievement dinged. That was on XB1. What platform are you on?

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Ps4. This is weird.

There’ve been a few reports of this in another thread – it happened to me back in April, and I contacted customer service and they had no clue. If there’s any way to fix it nobody knows what that is.