Lore Challenge Wording - "Enemy" vs "Player"?

Potentially stupid question here:

I have noticed (or am I mistaken?) that sometimes Lore challenges ask you to kill a certain number of enemies with a certain character skill, but then they also say player.

Again, I think.

Are there are any challenges you can complete by defesting enemies (ie, Minions) as opposed to opposing PVP players?

Usually the wording will say “Battleborn” or “Player” if it’s a PvP only challenge (edit), as you must kill/assist on a Battleborn. If it just says “enemies” it can be done in PvP or PvE, (edit) because it refers to any enemy, Battleborn or minion. For example, one of Thorns challenges is to kill 10 players with airborne volley kills, so that has to be done in PvP, but she also has a challenge to kill 100 enemies with blight, so that could be done in either mode. Most challenges are “enemies” and only a few have to be done in PvP (and therefore are usually the hardest).