Lore Challenges and YOU!

Hey guys,

As you know, yesterday we released our latest update to Battleborn which included a re-work of how lore challenges work. Some of you reported experiencing some issues with a bug that was introduced that doesn’t allow the new lore system to work. Our team has been investigating this issue and is making great progress. We’ll have some more concrete news on a final fix very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to give you a couple insights as to what you can expect when the fix is made:

  • Lore rewards will appear retroactively. This means that if you completed a challenge and it didn’t register at the time, it will correctly register and issue the reward once the fix is finalized.

  • Did you, at some point in the past, accidentally sell the lore legendary that you did manage to earn? Fear not – this fix will also reissue that lore legendary to you! Not only that, but it won’t be possible to sell lore legendaries anymore. This means you won’t have to worry about accidentally selling it again.

As mentioned above, we’ll keep you guys updated on a final fix for the lore challenge system which we expect to be soon. Thanks for your patience as we work things out and thanks for playing!


Nice. Thanks for the update Joe. Hopefully you guys can sort things out sooner rather than later. I have a missing Lore Legendary for Whiskey Foxtrot that I was trying to submit a ticket for but for some reason I can’t access the support entirely. I can make a ticket but when I try to submit it I keep getting errors. I tried to log into the account and get errors. I tried to recover my password but I got errors. I thought that maybe my account may have expired (maybe it was tied to my old SHiFT/forum account) and so maybe I needed a new one but when I tried to create a new one I got errors. So if I can’t get the support site to let me submit a ticket at the very least I know a fix is coming.

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So what your saying is we can sell all our lore legendaries and make bank because we will just get them back. /s


Sooooo… sell all our Lore legendaries and get Lootpacalypse packs? Got it! Thanks for the advice!

Just kidding, it would be dumb to do that. <.< >.>

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I wish I had known that earlier! :dukefp:

Just kidding. I never sell my lore stuff because of how difficult it was to earn some of it. That and I actually use a few of them.

Should we just wait it out then instead of sending multiple screenshots and info to support about the issue?

I’ll wait for the fix rather than bother support and it’s a lot of work to get those screencaps and other info

Will this also award the achievements/trophies that didn’t pop?

So you are telling me that my Tactical Accelerator I accidentally sold for Oscar Mike will come back?! You better tell us when this fix will come cause I am excited! By the way, in the Battleborn section in Command, why are all of the lore shown…50% completed for those characters you already finished all the lores for? Is this a bug? Anyone else have this problem?


Some players might not like their bank space being taken up by items they may not want and now can’t sell. It might be worth considering making unsellable items not count towards the total bank size.

I think its great they won’t be sellable, but a better solution would be to have a section of the marketplace where character legendaries can be reobtained at any time after you unlock them so if a person chooses to sell them (they should obviously be changed to zero sell value) to free up space, they can.

I would love this as a feature for all legendaries (re-buying them would cost like 1500 credits) but atm only character legendaries drop with fixed stats.


Awww sweeeeett… I’ve got some ISIC and Reyna gear comin’ my way!!!

I feel like this is some kind of psa or something, sorry I had to :laughing:image

p.s the little wizard is my calling card, :wink:

EDIT: Thanks for the update gbx, it’s really appreciated!


Hopefully the Character Legendary get backs will only apply to those that did accidentally sold their Character Legendary. Otherwise yeah, having duplicates you can not sell would take up unnecessary space.

So yeah completed Ambra’s lore but having the same issue. Got the taunt along with achievement but no skin, legendary gear, or Master title. -GENGENJUMP PS4 (May include screen shots later) Like others have said since a lot of people are experiencing this I am feeling lazy.

Nice. I accidentally sold Orendi’s and was mad at myself for days.

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Kleese’ s lore is messed up requiring him to play on all 14 maps in the game and now there are 17 maps with the new ones not counting. Pretty horrible requirement anyway since the player has so little control of what map he gets to play on.


Something good already happened:

  1. Master of Oscar Mike
  2. Master of Deande
  3. Master of Phoebe
  4. Master of Marquis

…Now for the others I’ve maxed :smile:

Yeah I have Orendi at 96% and it shows 46% on the Battleborn page.

Wow, I’m not the only one? I’ve tried submitting a few support tickets but often the submit button isn’t even press-able and when it is it just loads forever and times out.

In Handsome Jack’s Voice: Remember kids. we at Gearbox care about your gaming experience and your money. But mostly your money

But in all honesty, thanks for the support as always Joe and the fellas at Gearbox, where we know you actually care about our feedback.

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