Lore challenges are plain stupid

Not all of them. Some signify perseverance and skill. Others are plain stupid. Play 5 games on the same team as insert character no one will play here. It’s not even challenging, it’s completely luck based, which should never be a factor in games like this

Get friends. Join a BB community and find people to play with. The specific one that you are complaining about is the easiest challenge there is. You could do a HC match and jump off the cliff and get it if you wanted that completed.

The other ones are there because they have something to do with what the lore says when you unlock it.

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Nonono, we have one’s like ‘Kill 500 enemies with X skill that does little damage’.

THOSE are the stupid ones.

yeah, definitely agree with kobold on that one, ive got most of the “group with this guy” lore challenges done from doing randoms, but some of the Kill x enemies are ludicrous and are just going to take forever.

I would just check what characters I needed for what lore challenges and when a random match teammate would pick a character I needed I would match the character that needed the challenge. It’s not luck. It’s preparation and paring.

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My fav is kill X character with X character X amount of times.
Kill X character with X move while airborne. Note* Thorn can not fly*

With X weapon, as well?

The best one ever is Toby’s Get 10 different DOUBLE kills with his horrible Ultimate attack…Mind you a double kill has to be PLAYERS and the finishing hit.

Yeah the play on the same team as X are the easiest. That doesn’t fix he fact that I’ve spent all day trying to find the last Phoebe match for my Marquis lore

playing on the same team is easy as! The harder ones are “kill 25 of person” but then again these are challenges are you know…not compulsory… There are some charaters whos entire lore thing can be easily done and theres little accomplishment with that, i like a reasonable challenge, i felt very pleased when i got Thorn’s 20 kills mid air with volley.

But having said all this the lore challenges are ment to take time, having things to work on isnt a bad thing, alot of people want new content new content new content, but dont finish most of the staring content. It’s only been a few weeks, take your time and enjoy it theres no rush to be master of all in the first month.

Thorn’s was hard, but it’s not impossible its a skil one rather then random, but im not a huge fan of kill x with x so many times because seems assists don’t help.