Lore challenges are pushing me away from this game

Ive been absolutely in love with battleborn since I got to play in the beta. Still love it, and I still have fun. I have cladarius and ambra mastered, and reyna and melkas lores done. Done quite a bit of lore grinding. Once Alani came out however, my entire playstyle changed up. I don’t even like playing characters like OM or caldarius anymore. Supporting is so much fun in this game. Currently at CR 83.

So as you’ve probably guessed, ive been playing a lot of Alani. I actually have all but one thing in her lore done! Which one? The stupid Lifeguard crap. I’m trying to grind it (I don’t have a large group of people I actually talk to on xbox so I don’t have enough friends to just private match it) and its really really disheartening.

Heres my issue with it and with all pvp based lore challenges.

Its all freakin luck based.

you could easily play a character all the way up to 15 and never see the enemy you need to finish the lore. In this case with Alani, she has to hit 5 players 50 times. Not to hard considering she counts as one. Well, the issue with this game is that team fights don’t really happen. Its all poking or practically 1v1s because nearly EVERYONE is a ranged character. We have a few melee characters yes, 8 out of 26, most of which hardly (if ever) see game time (from my experience.) so the issue with it is getting people to clump up, which just isn’t going to happen very often. This puts challenges like this entirely out of your control. I don’t mind a challenge when its in my control. I do when its not.

Sadly, this kind of lore challenge doesn’t make me want to play, it forces me to play. A game shouldn’t do that. You should want to play it, not be forced to keep playing to work towards something that’s not even in your control.

My proposed fix for Alani is simple. Change it to where she has to effect atleast 10 targets in a riptide and increase it from 50 to 100. This includes minions and players alike. each minion wave has like 5 minions, with the thralls and players in it itll still be a bit of a challenge, but not as much considering you can effectively get one in each wave of minions.

To be fair, I don’t really have a fix for kill challenges unless they want to just open it up for private matches which I don’t see happening. I don’t agree with kill challenges however though I understand why they are there and their purpose.

Loving the game! Just don’t want to feel like I’m being forced to play it :c

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Meh, don’t sweat the lore challenges.
I don’t find them to be very well thought out either, mind you. They only seem to exist to artificially drag out mastery time and force playstyles contrary to teamwork.

They also do little to foster any real mastery of the character.
Sometimes you have to look past terrible, terrible glaring design choices and hastily assembled time sink gimmicks to simply enjoy what works.

Lore challenges don’t count in private matches anyway

It’s unusual that you experience this, most matches I play in have several team fights, particularly Incursion which is a fight over one lane. Echelon especially, a lot of team fights take place over the heal station in the centre and mid thralls. 1v1s are a bad idea in Battleborn unless you’re an assassin, most of the time it’s the aggressors who lose when they get tunnel vision and push the kill too hard.

I actually really like the lore challenges, they give you incentive to keep playing a character and once you complete some of the trickier ones you’ll find that you’re a better player because you were forced to do something seemingly unorthodox which you might have not tried otherwise. A good example is Thorn’s “Spry Sprite Spray” lore challenge, it took me a while but I’m a much better player because of it :slight_smile:

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Or how about that “kill Ambra 25 times”.

It never even occured to me to even try doing that.

Most lore challenges are good but that is one of the dumb ones.

The 5 people 50 times isn’t all that bad, took me about 4 days to do it. But it got done. The main problem is the 25 Ambra kills. I’m lucky if I run across 1 ambra every 2-3 days…I currently have 8/25 kills over the course of 6 days

Problem is I want to play other characters, I like Alani but I don’t ALWAYS want to play her…but I have to because of the very small chance someone will be Ambra then a small chance of getting the killing blow

I did the ambra one in literally 5 hours. I got lucky and fought a lot of ambras and having played a ridiculous amount of her I knew he strengths and weaknesses so it wasn’t hard for me. I just played a match where I landed 5 in a riptide atleast 7 times and it gave me credit for 1. IM starting to think its bugged. Either way this is ridiculous.

I find most lore challenges fun and entertaining. Some even force me out of my comfort zone and make me try a new playstyle which has actually been quite rewarding (Montana and his fire rounds). Having to kill a specific character 25 times for two different characters is not okay. Ambra has literally been made a target and I find that disheartening because I adore her. I’ve seen three Ambra’s in the past two days and two of them were running missions.
These lores are unfair to people who play Ambra because she becomes nothing more than a target to be hunted down ruthlessly. I literally will run Ambra in PvP and message the Alani/Galilea on the opposing team asking if they need the kills and let them slaughter me as much as possible. I’ve heard that GBX is talking about this situation, but I kinda feel that this outcome was relatively obvious from the get-go.

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Besides the fact they’ve made ambra practically useless in terms of power and even utility. SHes not a threat anymore. The only way she is at all a threat is when you don’t notice her or forget shes there.

I like others, simply detest the kill character x amount of times. This way of playing encourages team conflict and degenerative gameplay which leads to people blaming others for KS “kill stealing” rather than considering it a KS “kill secured”.

Specially considering this game actually supports fighting as a team then per say worrying about the kill itself with the way the score is handled as well as there not being any actual items to “buy”" every game. Just your gear items and you don’t even get shards from kills. Its like 5 steps the right way but take 2 backwards. Not entirely bad but its more like “why did you think this was a good idea?”