Lore challenges jeez

I heard when the game first released they were crazy tough and were changed. Though I still think they are rather ridiculous. I wish they were easier as I would like to unlock alot of them. Anyone think they will change them again?

They might unlock the option to complete the PvP challenges in private matches too.

But honestly once you start getting into it they aren’t that tough, certainly nothing compared to what they used to be. And I thought they were a nice challenge. Though I do actually go out of my way to complete achievements and I know not everyone is a completionist :stuck_out_tongue:

The only ones that I think are struggling now are ones that require you to reach level 5+ since… That’s exceedingly rare to me at least.


They said they’re going to, but it requires a rework of the entire challenges systems code

Tedious and at times insane, they can be done. But they are tedious. Then again, if they were too easy, what would be the point? At least they’re tough enough to make you work on them despite how groan-inducing they may be.

They’re really not that bad, there’s a few curly/grindy ones in there but overall it’s not that terrible.

I’ve had all characters mastered for months now, just takes a bit of time and patience.


I think that on average the characters lore challenges are in a relatively good spot. Some can be a little ridiculous but others are just… Not even challenges. And some are subjectively difficult(I did the Toby double kill before I could even unlock the self destruct mutation. During quad xp no less)

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The only annoying one is Toby’s Core Discharge double kill, but only having to do it once balances it out.

That’s the most skill based one
Addonexus is the most understanding the character and game one
Thorns is the combination of tedium and skill
Caldys three to one contact is tedium

I wouldn’t call it skill as much as using skill damage gear you wouldn’t normall use and bumping into a team that’ll try to face tank it.

Eh, I could see that

If they make them easier again, I will actually incite a riot.


I just want them to be actually difficult. ;-;


They really need to separate lore from the “Master of…” title. Anytime this gets brought up people get upset because they want the title to be a challenge. For some reason people don’t seem to realize that the ones asking for the lore are not asking for the “Master of…” title, they are asking for the lore. I am in this boat, as I have no desire to ever again touch the cesspool of nonsense that is PvP. I hate it. Hate. It. Unless it’s with a group of friends I have no desire to even look at it. Yet, I enjoy the characters and would like to get more of the background for them, as would anyone else asking for the lore. I think it was a really strange decision to lock up the character stories.

I don’t see how it even benefits anyone. Were I to go for it I’d be playing a mode I do not like and am most likely crap at, because I do not play it. I want the lore for [character X] and to get that I need to kill [character Y]. So, anytime I queue up for PvP I pick [character X] regardless if the team needs that character or not, regardless if I’m actually any good with that character or not. And once the game gets going, I’m charging [character Y] because I want the lore. I could easily cost our team a win since I’m in it for the stupid lore challenge and not to win. Oh, and if the other team doesn’t even pick [character Y], then what am I supposed to do? Play the wretched mode that I don’t like and keep queuing up until someone finally does pick [character Y]? No.


…Now that less than 100 people play this game they have to change this.

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Some of them are still challenging but most are very very easy to achieve. I would be so glad if they brought back the old challenges, as they were actually challenges and the “Master Of …” title wasn’t just handed out freely to everyone.

Man, doing Kleese and Attikus’ lores are going to be impossible!

I completed all of them before they nerfed most challenges, can safely say they’re a lot easier to do now. Challenges like “Participate in killing Character X 5 times” were “Kill Character X 25 times” for instance. But most nerfs were aimply nerfs to tje amounts needed and not a restructure of the challenge itself where Reyna’s challenge to kill 100 enemies with her pistol used to be 1000. The Toby double kill with his ultimate is the only “truly difficult” one I can think of. I can understand though how challenges which are not difficult as they are have become more difficult due to a declining player base such as Kleese’s challenge to play as him on all maps.

Regardless, if you’re on PS4, just message me (SirWalrusCrow) and I’ll try and help the best I can. If anything else Im happy to give you advice, but I can’t at the moment as I’m not sure which challenges specifically you have in mind.

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