Lore Challenges - Like them or Not?

Unlike a lot of players I have too much time on my hands right now, so I just got my Platinum trophy for completing all Lore challenges.

I’m kind of interested to know what everyone thinks about the Lore challenges, because now I’ve finished I can finally play the game for fun…again. Once you start you get to hooked on completing them!

  • Yes, Love doing Lore challenges
  • Done some but don’t have time
  • Not interested, distracts from game

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** Happy to give tips if any one wants to know on efficient ways of completing many of them.

Love them, Taught me a few things with some of the characters

Thanks to them I became more mobile with caldarius, Became better at using claw lunge with Melka, learned to be more territorial with kleese and his rifts and I can go on what lore challenges taught me. they help

Pve achievements doesn’t interest me in this game

I like them, just do it once and is over. Void’s edge and the renegade are the best pve maps to finish some lore.

Too many rely on PvP, which as a PvE only player is very annoying. But I can’t say that I don’t enjoy them. I actualy take pride in the few characters I managed to get all lore done.


They kinda distract from the game. Like, it’s hard to focus on what you really need to do in Versus.

I can’t say I’m having fun doing them, but I’m having fun playing multiple time each characters though.

Oddly enough, me and three of my friends are pve only kinda gamers, but we are inexplicably trying to get Platinum altogether… damn you great game.

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I used Renegade for a few, but Geoff and his minion waves and just after with the swarmers were my most frequented.

I took a long time out from the game, and when i came back i just stuck into the lore for personal achievements. But i totally agree with you, as I found myself not really playing versus games properly for weeks. But now i’ve finished i’m really having fun setting up the BB’s i really like and finishing off the ‘Master Of’ titles.