Lore challenges PVP

I was wondering that if you can alternately do the pvp lore challenge by not going into a match with random players and normally play a game. Trying to say is that can I make a private match with a couple friends and play the game normally as I play as Benedict to easily get the 50 player kills whole flying challenge done? That, or by doing private match and playing against bots. I think that is highly unlikely to help with my lore but help I and information is needed! Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Don’t know for sure since I’m pretty sure I did this one in PvP, but I’m pretty sure the 50 enemy kills can be done in PvE. At least that’s what a lot of people had told me. I think only PvP challenges will say player kills, or something like a double kill.

To answer your question though, about private matches, no, no lore challenges, or achivements, can be completed in Versus Private, even versing other players.

EDIT: Though, on second thought, 50 PvE kills sounds like it might be too easy, not that the rest of Benedict’s are that hard, side from maybe The Tour, but if you have to do it in PvP, then normal jumps will work, don’t have to glide / liftoff. So you can always jump real quick before killing someone.

It’s Player kills. Doesn’t work in PvE.

Ohh okay, thanks guys for clearing it up for me lol. I just hate playing pvp because 1. I hate competition
And 2. Player kills is something I don’t focus on in pvp, only the objective.
But if it’s something I need to do then I’ll gather friends and we all play against other players. I’ll tell them to hit a player a lot and I’ll finish it off. I don’t want to sound selfish but it’s probably the fastest way. :confused:
But again, thanks guys for helping me with this! I appreciate it all :smile:

Private matches do not count for lore challenges if I recall.

To do the flying challenge, go to renegade, glide off of a jump pad and land on it and repeat. Takes less than 10 minutes to finish because each jump pad jump adds an extra second per second (so for every 1 second you’ll get another one for each jump)

For the tour, find some people and ask them to help you with it, you can do campaign but not suicide in the beginning anymore.

For the 50 kills, “see them bootstraps? grab 'em and pull!” No but seriously, just jump when you’re killing people, takes like 2 days (probably 10 matches of capture i guess)

For boomsday kills, do story, kill minions. (alternatively try to glitch the second story mission to spawn an infinite amount of swarmers)

cant remember the other but its not that bad.

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Yeah I got boomsday done today. I can easily get my friends to play as Montana, Mike, or Galilea as I play Benedict. But it’s just the pvp that gets me. Last night actually, I got 7 out of 50. But it’s really struggling for me since I hate doing pvp and also people steal the kills unfortunately. But I wish there was an easier way to get pvp kills lol.

it’s all about timing your last shot so it deals just under max damage (or less) so you steal the kill from your teammates (kinda, I mean, they’re helping you get the kill as much as you would’ve helped them, so it’s more just a fair kill) and also keep your reload speed high. A 420 cost white reload speed item is great for capture.

Also, try to make sure once you have murder of rockets to hit fast characters with all three and fire the last 3 rockets to kill, while making sure to jump.

When I really tried I was able to get every one of my kills in the air, in fact, from like 7-50 i only had one, maybe 2 grounded kills. It’s a lot of effort.

That said, I rock something between a 3-8 k/d with benedict every game, win or lose, so i understand I may’ve just played him a lot and am just better at the whole air thing than i was when i first started playing him.

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That clears things up a whole lot lol
I took advice and added a green gear to help with reload speed significantly and also shield recharging. That and the helix perk for reload speed definitely helps out a lot. U guess I find it hard to get kills because I’m not good with controller pvp games. (I play tf2 on pc and I wreck face lol)
But again, thanks for clearing thus up a lot. It should definitely help me with flying and killing as Benedict. :smile:

No problem, that’s what a (good) community is for! if you hae any other, not completely related to “lore challenges PVP” feel free to msg me (I also play a lot of miko, kelvin, and thorn, but benedict is my main)

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Ohh cool thanks!
And I figured you’d be a Benedict main lol you sound like you know what you’re doing with the character lol
(I main Marquis, so I just sit back and snipe)
But thanks! I’ll definitely be asking some questions later on down the road :slight_smile: