Lore Challenges Requiring Certain Teammates - Help (on Xbox One)

If the point of a lore challenge is to challenge the player to achieve something, why would you have these frustrating lore challenges that require you to play with certain teammates, which you have no control over? I’ve played with Thorn for nearly 25 hours and in that time have had Boldur as a teammate twice! This is ridiculous. I’ve done all of her actual “challenges” and now I’m just waiting to get lucky and have some people choose Boldur.

Fix this Gearbox. If it’s supposed to be a challenge, make it something that I can achieve without just being lucky. I never complained about the Thorn Volley challenge because at least that was skill based.

Anyhow, if anyone is willing to play with me as Boldur in any type of game mode, please add me: Gamertag SlimReaperXL on Xbox One.

There will be plenty of people in this community that would be happy to help you out. If need be if you play with a high ranked player send them a little message and ask them, they’ve been around long enough to know how annoying some of the lore challenges are(they have been discussed by the devs and apparently changes to them are coming) and will probably help you. If you were on ps4 id help you out

Thanks. I’m new here. Glad to hear the community is pretty accommodating. I’m happy to exchange favors and help others complete their challenges as well, since Gearbox isn’t likely to change things any time soon.

Its a pretty small community but its been mostly positive experiences for me at least

Maybe post in the XB1 Co-op section, and include when (time and time zone!) you’re normally on. There’s already a very long LFG thread, and several lore requests. If you’re likely to be on tonight after 7 eastern, you can add me: Alkymist96

These are one of the easiest lore challenges. Just start up the Algorithim with a friend as Boldur on Hardcore, and jump off the cliff. Repeat this 4 times and you’ll have the challenge in under 10 minutes, without needing to have someone who may potentially suck with Boldur use him.

Hey dude! :heart:

I just will move this into the BB-XB1-section so more people might jump in for help!

I´m on XB1 too, but never tried Boldur so far… If you need a badass Orendi or Phoebe (PVE mostly) just add me, Ganjamira is the name :slight_smile:

Glad I found such a helpful board, and thanks for moving the thread. I found someone earlier this morning (thanks to this forum) and now have the Thorn challenges completed! I’m also helping that person get his Boldur challenge – if we can ever get a full eldrid team together.

if you still need a full eldrid team I’d be happy to help later tonight. I plan on playing kelvin, but I can use anyone needed to get this done. I’ll be on around 10 eastern time. Gamertag Pewptrain (let me know why if you invite me… otherwise I’ll probably ignore it.)

Would love to help! See my post above.

Thanks folks. If the guy trying to get the all Eldrid team is on tonight I’ll send invites.