Lore Challenges: Why PVP?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but tonight I’m buying Battleborn not for the multiplayer (I’m more or less uninterested), but for the intriguing story and interesting characters all wrapped up in that Gearbox humour we all know and love.

However, despite that, I am concerned.

One of the more interesting aspects of Battleborn is their lore unlock system, where you can learn about your favourite Battleborn’s backstory at your leisure, without forcing it down your throat. As you may know these challenges are also important for unlocking various flavorful items like Taunts and Legendary Gear. Initially I thought this was an amazing idea to let the people who really wanted to dive deep into the lore do so while not affecting the people there primarily for the gameplay. That changed, however, when I got a good look at some of these challenges.

Take Whiskey Foxtrot, for example, he has a LORE challenge that requires you to kill an enemy Oscar Mike 25 times. This means if you want unlock lore and backstory for Whiskey Foxtrot, you HAVE to play multiplayer (not to mention a fairly substantial amount of multiplayer). I must also need to mention that private matches vs bots DO NOT seem to count for any progress.

Normally I wouldn’t care as there are similar challenges that require you to play the campaign. But these are LORE CHALLENGES. Why would Gearbox bar LORE from people who want to play their game for the story? Its not like Activision bars zombies content within their multiplayer. I seriously don’t care about the gear unlocks and whatever else you can get from these challenges, but locking lore behind PvP is inexcusable in my eyes.

Yes I do feel strongly about this, maybe too strongly, but nevertheless I feel like I’ve made a pertinent argument about a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

So Gearbox, I plea, don’t make me play PVP for my lore. I’m sure I’m not the only one here, and I welcome you all to help further this discussion im hopes that Gearbox pays attention.


How about not making me PvE to get into PvP? >.> I give no cares for lore.

Im not sure what exactly your referring to, but people like you help attribute to my argument. I feel its safe to say a large portion of the PvP audience like you, cares little about lore, why should I have to play PvP for my lore?

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You’re not the only one, Hoyle. I bought the game for the campaign, not the PvP aspect. As for Evnhoffmm, I believe they mean they don’t want to have to play the campaign to get into PvP, which is strange because you can completely bypass PvE and go straight to PvP; you don’t even need to play PvE to unlock all of the characters. Some of the characters may be easier via doing the story missions, but there are other challenges that’ll unlock them. I’d chalk it up to misinformation and misunderstanding and leave it at that.


“but tonight I’m buying Battleborn not for the multiplayer”.

Well the multiplayer is a pretty major part of the game, it’s not just a tagged on extra. If you’re choosing to buy the game only for half the content then you can’t really complain when certain content isn’t available to you can you?

I tried the story missions but wasn’t really into them. I’ll be focused primarily on PvP but I’m still interested in the lore of the characters. By your logic I should be asking the question ‘why do I have to play PvE to unlock lore challenges?’. ‘Why do I have to do x amount of damage to rendain’ Etc.


Because they’re lore challenges, it makes sense that you would play the story for…well…story. It doesn’t make sense that you’d have to play the game mode with basically zero lore connotations for lore.

As for your remark I redirect you to my prior exanple of call of duty, where the multiplayer is arguably a much higher percentage of the focus, yet they keep their modes separate, as they appeal primarily to separate audiences (yes there are groups that partake heavily of both but its not the majority of players). You dont see them putting zombies lore and unlocks in their multiplayer just as you dont see them hiding their multiplayer perks and whatnot in their zombies mode. Because it makes sense.


Some lore is about character rivalries, the easiest way to show that rivalry is make them fight. That said the kill PERSON X times challenges are my least favorite, in large part to the difficulty of finding that person to fight and the way it encourages uncooperative play.


It’s a pvp game with a campaign - like call of duty has a campaign.

I know what you’re saying - lore shouldn’t have pvp requirements. But it’s a pvp game - this is like complaining about all that grindy story in borderlands when all you wanted to do was pvp.


Well pvp is part of the lore. Even in intro you are being told, that once all the races gathered around Solus, instead of fighting common enemy they fought among themselves initially. The PvP modes tells that part of rhe story.
Also, there are special relationships between some heroes and pvp challenges make sense in those cases (this relates to Whiskey Foxtort vs Oscar Mike or Ambra vs Galilea).


I’m really surprised that the AI games don’t count for progress. Are you sure? Did you get the killing blow on Oscar Mike, or did he just die?

Can anyone else confirm this?

Personally, I plan to play both. But I don’t think that either side should HAVE to play the mode they don’t like to get the content they want.


I agree with this.

Initially I had planned to only get this game for the Campaign to play solo and Co-op…but after dipping my toe into the PvP…I had an absolute blast (completely unexpected) and now I plan on doing both.

But I don’t think that they should have lore challenges which can only be achieved from playing PvP.
They should allow you to achieve these lore challenges if you play the competitive modes against Bots…if there are going to be PvP-centric challenges.


I did try the PvP but I’m less enthralled with it (ended up playing the Verelsi stage for basically 40 hours instead), mainly because I play on PC with a controller and FPS’s are where my comfort choice really stings. I really hope they add an option so that Lore challenges can be completed without playing multiplayer.

PvP is simply a part of the game whether you bought it for that aspect or not. Personally I think it’d be rather bland if I had to play story missions over and over to get the lore challenges done and I’m glad some of them are PvP focused.


I’m in the same boat. There were a lot of reasons I bought this game, from wanting to support Gearbox to playing a new FPS loot fest to loving the environmental/character/boss designs and the humor and story in the open beta. But I intended to play this solo, or couch co-op at most. Multiplayer and me are really, REALLY not a good fit.

I’m starting to feel like I made a mistake now. I didn’t realize I’d be punished for not playing versus with other people by getting locked out of lore and skins (and more than half the trophy list as well). I get needing to play multiplayer to unlock more taunts and titles, those things are basically only seen by other players. But story content locked behind a storyless-mode grind? Why? I really wish I could at least earn the lore challenges playing vs. bots - even if the unlock requirements went up tenfold that way, I’d be OK with that grind.


Couldn’t say it better myself

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I have to agree with this. Don’t get me wrong the PVP is fun as long as you are lucky enough to get a good fight but the fact that the story for characters are entwined in it is just horrible for me especially since most of the characters that have PVP required trophy just arent competetive for my playstyle. At the very least it could be made so that you can work on your lore against the bots in private versus. Not only does that make it a little more bareable for the non PVPers (there are some I am almost one i do dabble in pvp though) it would make it better for the PVP community as well since the people only interested in using a characters to unlock its lore would be doing it on their own without potentionally wrecking a good fight by having to use a character they just cant play well enough with. The main argument I have with it is simply that its a story aspect so logic would say it would be in the story part of the game right?


I wrote this for people like us, I hope theres enough of us to make a impression on ppl like @Jythri.

I at the very least would like a heavy grind in bot mode so us pvp agnostic can get our lore.


Eehh you’re making a mistake if you’re buying BB purely because you just want to PvE. This is not Borderlands.

Battleborn should be and is (obviously) about PvP, and that will always be its real catching point - a MOBA FPS.
The PvE aspect is much more just a side-dish to the main meal, being PvP.
Which is good, in my opinion; it’s a fresh thing for games like this, and the campaign story is pretty fun in itself. It’s just more content for something that’s already a good thing.
But in the end all the campaign really is, is just a bit of a tutorial or learning-zone and optional place to farm some gears and XP.

I feel like people buying this game just because they want the PvE are very quickly going to be underwhelmed and disappointed with a lot of things. Judging by some opinions of people; that is exactly what’s happened for many.

Again - If you wanted a game where you didn’t PvP, then Battleborn should not have been the game you looked toward.

Sorry about your mistake.


I disagree with your premise, but i respect your opinion. Its draw over every single game that people compare it to is its campaign, you treat it as a side mode I treat it as the gearbox part of the game. At the end of the day in buying a gearbox game. I’m satisfied with my purchase, I just wish gbx would cater to us in some way, even if its tedious and annoying. Cuz if gbx knows its fans they should know were ok with the grind: just give us the opportinity to do so.


I feel the same, Hoyle. I bought the game for the story and am loving it despite having almost finished it (got my ass handed to me on Chapter 8). I’m even planning on buying the Season Pass as soon as I have the extra $40 (two copies) to get it. I would have no problems if GBX decided to cut out the PVP part because most of the complaints I’ve seen stem from that aspect. For me BB is like the Borderlands series: It’s much more fun playing with others than going solo.