Lore Challenges: Why PVP?

I wouldn’t mind the pvp challenges if assists counted towards the total. I only have 6/25 kills on Ambra so far, would be slightly more if assists counted. I haven’t encountered too many people playing as her in both incursion or meltdown. Maybe my luck is just terrible.

I’ve stated my case defending locking lore behind PvP above, but let me be more clear.

This game is clearly not a single player only experience with PvP attached to it. This game has always been marketed with the PvP first and foremost. This is a PvP centric game, so it makes sense to have locked lore behind PvP.

Granted it could be balanced better but I don’t fault the idea.

The thing is, it is not an entirely PvP experience either. My love of solo play aside, PvE is a huge part of the game (multiplayer or solo), while I don’t fault the idea of locking some lore behind PvP, it would be nice to be able to unlock it in PvP matches with bots or have alternative means of unlocking them much like the Battleborn themselves. I think that is a fair request.

Although mentioned in a previous post, would you really want someone in a PvP game that is only there to unlock some lore challenges instead of actually playing PvP? What’s more, for those who focus on PvP, wouldn’t it also be fair to give alternate means of unlocking lore content that can only be done PvE?

I am not arguing for making the lore challenges easier, just accessible through alternate means. Hell, even if it was a total grind, alternate means of unlocking lore challenges be a boon.


To counter that:
If you’re not gonna play the full game then you shouldn’t get all the lore. Lore challenges should encompass both PvP and story modes.

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I mean that kind of argument weakens when talking about other games with primarily split audiences. I dont want to beat the CoD horse again but their audience is arguably more slanted towards pvp but they dont oblige either party to cross modes to get what they want and neither are playing the whole game (for the most part). If i was more cultured in multiplayer games I would have more examples but Im not.

Regardless if zombies players got “Get X Killstreaks for this Cutscene” I dont think they’d be pleased

Well CoD has never had multiplayer achievements. The story and mp have been pretty seperate since the start.

The story and MP in BattleBorn are much more intertwined. They compliment each other very well, as playing either progresses the other as well.

That is a fair argument. The thing is, I am playing all modes, just not always against others. I greatly enjoy the PvP maps against bots. My ideal (and it really isn’t a deal breaker if this never happens, as I love the game regardless) is that bots on any PvP map would not negate challenges nor completion stats. Currently, if there is even a single bot on either side, no progress is counted towards any challenge. If it doesn’t get added, no biggie, if it does, I would be a happy camper.

Look at the thread. None of the posts I have read here at spitting vitriol that this is a deal breaker. No one is calling for the heads of gearbox devs as I have seen much of in the PvP dedicated threads. We, as a subset of the community are merely voicing our opinions, yourself included. I didn’t bring this up because you are doing any of that. You’re not at all, and the conversation has been completely civil. The reason I am, is I have seen Gearbox make updates from requests made from the board. And while this may be back queued in the shuffle of X is OP, or Y needs a buff, I still know that Gearbox does listen, and in the hopes that the request initially made by @Hoyle4 does come to fruition, I am adding my voice


Fair. To counter that:
What do PvP players lose if these challenges are made available to PvE players in solo modes? Aside from getting someone like me in your PvP queue, but come on, do you really want me? Do you want me and my unskilled poorly-aimed playing-a-character-I-don’t-understand-how-to-play butt on your team? Do you want to have to carry me while I contribute nothing but my attempts to gain a lore unlock over all else? I’m sure there are plenty of super nice, patient, accommodating PvP people who’d go ‘yeah! Come on we’ll teach you!’ and that is awesome. You are awesome if you think that way and if you play on PS4 hey give me a wave. But really as I said before I feel like my presence would just be more frustrating than desired for most random queue PvPers. I can’t speak for everybody of course, but me personally, I stay out of PvP (with random queues) for the most part because I feel I am bad at it and don’t find it fun to feel like dead weight, and if I’m only there to complete a challenge it seems like I’m even more dead weight than usual.

So again, what do you lose if they give us this? As long as they leave the challenge completable in PvP - which no one is asking them not to do that would be silly - you don’t lose anything that I can see, except the frustration of having to occasionally deal with unskilled, undedicated non-PvPers in your queue. And we gain the ability to not have to play a mode we don’t like/are not good at and not have to feel like we’re dragging our team down. Win/win, right?

I mean I totally get the sentiment that PvP is a big part of the game and you’re missing out if you don’t partake in it, but hey, my loss, right? And as said, yeah, it’s not like I’m going to quit playing because of this or something. Heck, I’ll probably wind up slogging through PvP anyway if it isn’t, because I like the game and I love Gearbox and I want to support them and I like lore and achievements and unlocks, and maybe with enough practice I’ll start feeling like I’m useful on a team. But I think this thread does show there’s plenty of people out there like me who prefer the PvE and would appreciate some reward credit for the bot matches, perhaps.


I have a moment of apprehension before every PVP match due to the chance of massive failure. Luckily I learned Ambra pretty well so I’m seeing far more success now than when I ran Attikus (dear God give him a buff). I get your point though, in at least half the cases people are going to want someone who contributes meaningfully especially because the matches are so long. I hate so much that people drop out of PVP queues fairly often… might as well kill yourselves if you are outnumbered in this game. Even the weakest characters can beat you with an extra person.

how about they add that we can buy a single lore unlocker for 10000Credits each or so…


@Hoyle4 @Gulfwulf @NightRaven713 Since you all had expressed interest in this. I was reviewing the interview notes from https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4ip8ep/qa_with_jythri_creative_director_on_a_twitch/

There is an edit down the line from the interview that they are looking into altering some of the lore challenges, so this very well may become a reality.

Thought you all might want to know in case you haven’t seen the other posts with the link


The game was not marketed as PvP. It was marketed as a team based shooter with all the marketing focusing on fighting Rendain and saving the last star. Which is the PvE content.

Im more frustrated by the fact that many of the known bugs, glitches and exploits from back in october of last year made it fully into release.

Many of the challenges are too difficult and activly make you troll your team and be a overall detriment to them in pvp because your going after lore challenges.

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I was so excited last night finally seen an ambra enemy till the match started and that player immediately disconnected

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I feel a little bit for Galilea players, even if more people try Ambra now you are nerfed so securing a kill will be more difficult. And I’m pretty good at surviving with Ambra even if I over extend.

We can only hope it gets balanced

Yes I really do hope this gets implemented.

I have very poor connectivity and bought the game exclusively for the PvE so would really like such a change.


Yea private matches don’t count toward lore challenges (literally killed my friend who was Oscar Mike in a private match with no AIs 10+ during the beta and it didn’t help the challenge lol) it has to be a public match if you need to kill a specific character a certain amount of times for lore challenges.

I’m all for lore myself, and for certain characters it does make sense to kill certain characters in pvp especially when you unlock that said lore since the majority of the relationships between the Battleborn are incredibly strained (Ambra & Galilea). Mostly it takes strategy and alooooot patience for the tough ones (i’m almost done with whiskey’s by 17 out of 25), but I do agree it should count in private matches not just public if you don’t want to deal with public matches.


Characters can be unlocked either with specific actions or by account level. IMHO Lore challenges should be the same way, unlocking a new lore at lvl10 and each level after that. If a person is lvl14 on ghalt, they’ve put in at least as much effort as it took me to unlock all the lore on orendi at lvl 8.


I was trying for one of Attikus lore. witch was to win on each tempest map at least once. problem I had was no one wants to play on Echelon. But I still finished the match. ( even though we lost, and one dropout on are team.)

but, other than that for me, everything that is said are people from diffrent preferences and style. Honesty I hate PvP in today’s time. Most games today your gear makes up everything. PvP for me was Goldeneye 007 and Turok. You had to hunt for the best guns. (though they spawn in the same places).

I wish GB would actually respond to this request. The radio silence has demotivated my partner and I to such a degree we’ve put the game down in frustration. We are PvE players and we bought this game to save the last star, not to be forced to sit through red bar matches on broken Aussie servers to get some actual plot to go with the rocking characters!!!

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