LORE: ClapTrap gives a HUD for free?

Why is Dahl Corporation handing out free HUDs to any clown that arrives in Fyrestone off of a bus?

its there way of saying “sorry for abandoning thousands of people who have gone insane and believe you would look better riddled with bullets”

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I always assumed it was a free promotional thing Dahl gave to visitors during Pandoras “Gold Rush” era, and they never stopped it when they left.

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I always thought HUDs were non-canon, like skill trees and plot inconsistencies.

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And for all we know, Claptrap simply looted the thing from a VH who arrived on an earlier bus but didn’t survive. (See opening of BL2)

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Clap Trap specifically states it is courtesy of the Dahl Corporation :slight_smile:

OK, segfault here - it’s been a while since I sat through the opening video!

So, I’ll go with @Mr_Sandman’s theory - they left in such a hurry, the forgot to turn Claptrap off. (Probably left the gas on, too…)

hey , np man. i’m just fishing for any plausible explanation :slight_smile:

claptrap dont need reasone to do stuff


Actually now that i think of it, Ignoring the whole “Why are they doing it” thing, Why are they distributed by a Hyperion Robot?

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I am writing this whilst taking a break from my essay in M.S Word, on a Mac, evil corporations will work together sometimes.

CL4P-TPs are steward bots, Dahl had a promotion and distributed it in the easiest way to get it to new people.

They’re fitted with tracking devices so they can see where you are on the way to the vault.

i have a new theory.
Dahl has been searching for the vault and been a major and important corporation on Pandora before BL1 began.
So Dahl would randomly hand out HUDs to prospectors to help them get to their eventual goal.
Much in the same way Microsoft has a free version of MS SQL Server for software developers in the eventual hope to cash in on something the developer makes for MS SQL Server later on.

Giant corporations are always given away free token low cost items and even moreso when they receive some small indirect benefit.

Dahl recently elected to abandon the planet… and a few random Clap Trap units never got the message…
and they are still running around handing out free HUDs.

I love this new theory.
and its really just a re-statement of other stuff in the replies to this thread any way.

My personal theory is something to the effect of they’re leftover promotional stuff from before Dahl left and Claptrap just wants to feel useful so took it upon himself to give them out to new people/vault hunters.
Sand (and it’s properties) are only so wonderous you know.

i’ve tried to be circumspect but still have also covered up in case this spoils for anyone:

bearing in mind the last thing you see at the end of the B1 story, it’s possible one company gets the bot to
hand out the HUD from another company to cover its own involvement?

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that is an awesome theory :slight_smile: