[LORE] Fate of The Machine

As we know, the end of BL3 involves using the previously discovered Vault Keys to energize and use The Machine to keep the Destroyer from escaping.
Tyreen disrupts that, and she needs to be dealt with, eliminating the final use of The Machine.

What happens now?

At the point of story end, The Machine is active, and Tannis can manipulate it. Which raises interesting questions.

  • Will she? Will Tannis’s obsession with Eridian tech lead her back to the vault with the control console to experiment?
  • Is this for BL4? If there is a broader war coming in BL4 (hinted at often) will an active Machine play a part in it? We don’t know it’s complete powers, so I can see a scenario where battling for control of the Machine may be an important plot point
  • Will the VHs disarm it? Is it time to go back to Nekrotafeyo and pull the individual vault keys out of their pedestals and put them back, well, somewhere?
  • Can the power channeled from the Vaults to power the Machine be used for something else? Can Tannis, or a Eridian emerging from somewhere, use the power of, say, the Eden-6 vault without the Machine?
  • Will the Corporations go after it? If Nekrotafeyo has been found, can the VHs keep it secret? Or will the Corps find out and venture there to harvest that power themselves, perhaps creating a very large inter-Corp war?

Lots of dangling ends to having that massive, powerful, and mysterious piece of Eridian magic still spinning.


I don’t remember but are the Vault Keys in Tannis’s room in Sanctuary are holograms or the real ones?

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That doesn’t even include the 3 siren powers that are, as of now, unknown.

Lots of interesting possibilities.

The OP made me wonder. If there is any way to get Lilith back, I’d hazard a guess that the machine could potentially be a major part of it.


  • Harnesses energy
  • Is particularly sensitive to eridium (as are sirens)
  • Is particularly sensitive to sirens
  • Created Pandora (and presumably Elpis???) in the first place.

Hell, if they really wanted to, they could bring back Lilith first, who could possibly even bring back Maya.


Well we do have a guardian themed takedown on the way, I’m hoping we go further inside the machine and finally figure out what shinanigans they’ve been up to lately.
Please be making more vault monsters.

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Maliwan already knows. Even if they don’t know about The Machine Nekrotefayo is still a big empty planet full or resources and Eridian artifacts.

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There is a little question in my mind about this.

All the troops on Nekro have a “dark” prefix in front of their name, as if they were a separate, perhaps ultra-secret, part of Maliwan’s private army. If so, then their failure to gain headway on Neckro may make them irrelevant.

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Maybe? General Traunt seems to be in full control of himself though. I don’t know if there’s any reason to think the “Dark” prefix is an indicator that they’ve gone rogue or been taken over by the COV or something.

I think you hit it on the money.

From GearBox:

but that won’t stop Maliwan from sending their elite forces to try and control the planet’s ruins and natural resources.

From the Wiki:

Dispersing resistance from stranded Maliwan forces, resident Guardians and interloping Children of the Vault

Oh, and speaking of Maliwan on Nekrotefayo;
When you go to get the vault key from Leda’s grave site, there is a Maliwan ship in the background actively firing at something beyond your sight. Thinking…

  • Capitol ships are a valuable resource, Maliwan would not be abandoning the ship itself.
  • Are they firing on
    – Nekrotefayo life?
    – Guardians?
    – Vault Hunters
    – Or most intriguing, maybe firing on their own “Dark” forces to seal off any knowledge of the planet and their failed operations there? Kinda like a Bourne/Treadstone self-destruct.
  • And yes, to me if that ship exists, and the VH’s didn’t destroy it (we didn’t), then Nekrotefayo knowledge at some level of Maliwan must exists.
  • Or And No, there is a minor possibility that Ellie took care of that ship. She did tell the VH that she wasn’t going to leave the VH to fight alone. Of course she doesn’t appear on the planet, but maybe she was space-battling.
    – Speaking of that, does Sanctuary 3 have any offensive armament? I don’t recall it being mentioned.


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seems like all 7 to me

Phaseslam/grasp/cast aren’t separate, they’re just different uses/manifestations of the same siren power (Phasetrance).


What they^ said.
We still don’t know what Steele’s power was before she died in bl1. Nor do we know who her power transferred on to after death. With this much time passed, it’s likely that the recipient of her power is old enough now come into the story somehow.
Same with Dido, considering that she died before typhon even met Tyreens mom. Her powers are also out there somewhere.

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