Lore: Finding the LGBT Battleborn

Continuing the discussion from LGBT Battleborn?:

That thread was locked, but now that the game has been out for a bit, I wonder which characters people have found that could have been what was referenced as “falling under the LGBT umbrella?”

The only thing I’ve seen so far is the Oscar Mike/Whiskey Foxtrot taunt (Whiskey shoots a picture of Oscar Mike holding a heart that says “Whiskey, will you be mine?” with two boxes, one saying “Yes” the other “Hell yes.”)

Has anyone else found anything similar?

And please, if you don’t want to contribute LGBT findings in the game, please post elsewhere so this doesn’t go south.


I loled so hard at that taunt so funny!

As for the topic I have not seen any direct confirmations just a lot of speculative hints like melka is totally playing off her attraction to deande because of the jennerit/eldrid animosity.

I guess you have to break down the hetero ones and pick from who is left.

It’s 95% confirmed whiskey and deande are together with whiskey saying he has a date with deande and a portion of whiskey lore from FANOFTHEEMPIRE saying she would like to handle him which has to be deande.
Then Montana and thorn with Montana having book club with thorn and thorn saying something along the lines of “tiny head big disappointment” when fighting on opposite teams in pvp loled so bad when I first heard it to.
Phoebe wants caldarius in the renegade but he pretty much blows her off so not sure if he is gay or not.
And Reyna and Ghalt are pretty much confirmed via lore
That’s all I have so far for the hetero heroes.

Pretty sure Oscar mike is gay having only been around guys and the questionable facade he does when writing in his diary in his lore and bromancing Montana all the time
Also the afore mentioned melka
Also perhaps orendi as a not caring what race gender type


Quoting this for emphasis.

Anyway, there’s a lot of hetero confirmations or hints, not any gay ones that I’ve seen so far. Montana also has the level up quote where he goes “Ladies and gentlemen, but especially ladies, Montana has leveled up!” Attikus’ lore also has a bit where one of the Jennerit claims that he was “looking fondly” at one of the female scientists. Granted, that particular bit is from a biased and hateful source, but nonetheless.

When the universe is ending I don’t think sexuality matters much. I don’t mean that there isn’t time for that - just, if someone’s DTF in that crisis scenario I don’t see most sentient beings turning down some action.

That said, I also adore Mellka/Deande and OM/WF or Montana/OM.


Lol I would be saying how long do we got not what do you got (body part reference)

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Exactly! :smirk:

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YEASSS, I love you.

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I also get a vibe that Oscar Mike is gay, which is cute - though I suspect his thing with Montana is more bromance than romance.

Also, “confirmed hetero” doesn’t necessarily exclude LGBT stuff - don’t forget the B! :slight_smile:


Love you to for loving me! :smile:

As Axton and Mr. Torgue would remind us.

I can hold out hope for Attikus man-love.

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It’s possible that Caldarius is gay
Jailer Hylis brags that he’s the handsomest of Rendain’s henchmen, and Caldarius agrees. Being the stick in the mud that he is Caldarius isn’t exactly one for sarcasm


I completely support all of the current relationships being promoted as they’d totally fit to the plotline, but they all seem a bit too “expected”. You know? Of course OM and WF makes sense, it would fit in perfect. Too perfect.

I want Gearbox to throw at least ONE CURVEBALL at us.

Like Toby and Benedict.

The pick up line I’d like;

“Hey, I know you’re flightless. But one night with me and you’d be sky high.”

The Missus and I like playing as couples, so uh, get to it Gearbox.

EDIT: First Penguin on the Million Mile High Club? I don’t know. I’m not a game writer, but you get the idea GBX.

Caldarius is my favorite lol please, please, please let him be gay. And no matter how many times I run Renegade I never hear that dialogue. I’ll keep trying.

Though I’m still expecting him to be really small out of his armor.

Miko is so LGBT

I think Miko is supposed to be genderfluid/genderqueer. Which is cool and unexpected. I’m still hoping for some more queerness though. It seems like other than the Caldarius/Hylis thing and Oscar Mike/Whiskey Foxtrot thing (which is hard to even notice) most of the more “confirmed” flirting is pretty straight. But we will see.

In absolute fairness to Miko, who many of our users love.

Miko is a fungus.I figured Miko would be asexual, considering if she has the traits of a fungi there isn’t even any pollination involved. One the other hand, Claptrap was a hornball and he’s a robot, so hope away.


Well fungi can have over 36000 genders, I believe. So Miko is… Miko lol


Asexual and non-binary fits into most people’s queer/LGBT umbrella - at least from an academic standpoint.

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