Lore kills grinding

So I’ve been away from Battleborn for a few months and decided to grind out some lore kills on Void’s Edge. Usually you can get the swarmers to spawn infinitely with the defining orange glow around them. I’ve done this countless times before and did so this time again, but all that spawned was a group of 3 (glowed orange) that never respawned after death.

So my question is, have they patched out the swarmer spawning in Void’s Edge? If yes, what about the other locations?
From what I could find, the VE boss had a decreased varelsi spawn count.

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I can’t remember where I’ve read it, but I do recall something mentioned about them being patched. That said, the swarmers in The Algorithm are still a good spot to grind out miscellaneous lore challenges.

I just did the glitch on The Void’s Edge, so it still works.

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Thanks. Confirm that it still works.

Was just really confused since before I came back, if you didn’t make it fast enough, there was no orange glow around the swarmers.

I have a question. Why would grinding lore be the first thing you do? I’m not judging, I’m just wondering

Never said it was the first thing I did.

Ah okay, that makes more sense. Sorry for reading wrong lol. Hoe you liking Face Off or the Operation or balance or whatever you do?

Don’t worry about reading it incorrectly. I could’ve split the sentence but it would’ve looked awkward if I did!

Face-off isn’t bad, but I prefer capture. Face-off is about the same as meltdown in terms of ranking (2nd/3rd out of 4).
The new operation is nice and the balance change doesn’t impact me since all I need to do is adjust to it.

If you’re interested in what I do, I do everything. PVP -> DLC mission/Campaign -> Lore grind/Help people -> Repeat.

It used to be very easy to do this glitch, but it seems like it became harder once… Idk, I started having more trouble with it. But if ya take 3 gear pieces that give sprint speed and/or movement speed, it’s extremely easy.