Lore legendaries - why not max?

I know they made all lore legendaries equal, which I agree with (just wanted to get that out of the way).

What I still fail to understand is why they don’t have max abilities for their equipment type. Each legendary has three features/abilities. The lore ones have one of those that is special to the character. The other two are the same as other legendaries of that type, but always lower than max.

I don’t get this. Has there been a good explanation?

Further, if they want to keep things that way, I wonder if there is a consideration to improve them like either the demon bear gear (where if others have their lore, you both get a boost) or the Phoebe Ennukkar gear, where if it is on the right person some stats get elevated.

Alternately, one final boost would be to make lore gear “untyped”, so that the character could use that type of gear in addition to another of that same type of gear to stack similar abilities (I like this idea least, but I’m throwing it out there).

I write all this because I’ve gotten quite a bit of lore gear, and I never use it because other legendaries that cost the same are better, which is sad, because it’d be cool to amplify the play differences of each character.


I agree with most of what is said.


I guess they figure the character specific perk is worth the trade-off of lower bonuses. This might be the case for some lore legendaries, but certainly not all


I agree that the specific perk might be better than the “third perk” on other legendaries…but I don’t see any examples where that might actually be better ENOUGH to stand out above the difference between two first attributes of the legendary and another non-lore maxed legendary.

One other option I think would be ok…give us a “regular” lore legendary upon completion of all lore. Then allows us to “prestige” the lore/legendary by resetting the lore and doing it again, getting us to full max.

If this were borderlands, I’d get it, but since you have to pay for your gear in shards every match, those that cost the same should be just as good, and I can’t think of a single example where I’d want a character’s lore legendary over the best of the options for the same type of gear.

If they’re going to go that route, yet another alternative would be to make all three attributes of the character lore gear specific to the character, which might actually be pretty cool…2 attributes for the base powers and 1 for the ultimate power, all modifying them in some fun way.

Honestly I’m ok with fun over power, but I just don’t want it to be nonsensical to use something that’s supposed to be a fairly nice reward and of “legendary” quality.


The main problem I have is that it still costs 1800 shards to activate either way. It is better than it used to be, having a random stat on them was bogus. The bottom line is if it can’t be max stat then it is not on par with other legendary gear.


I’m in complete agreement. Looking back over the character gear just made me realize I only ever use Ambra’s on a regular basis, and there are only maybe 3 others I would even consider choosing for my loadout in the hypothetical over a better non-lore legendary. In practice I never pick them because their 3rd effects aren’t worth whatever better combination of stats and effects I can get somewhere else.


Maybe the Lore Legendary are weaker than others since they’re easier to get as opposed to non-lore? shrugs Only reason I can think of as to why they did it.

If they made them weaker on purpose, that’d actually be fine…so long as they then made them reasonably upgradeable through additional work/investment.

I don’t mind working for/grinding for perfect gear. I AM, after all, comparing medium quality lore gear (though max for what it is) to max gear. But I have grinded for that better gear and there’s nothing I can currently do for lore gear. If I could upgrade it with platinum, or prestige-ing my lore to get it upgraded, that would be one thing.

Notably, lore gear is only good for one character for the shard cost. It’d be foolish to use one character’s lore gear on another character over, say epic or rare quality gear that can do as much or more for fewer shards. Even as is, for example, I don’t use Orendi specific gear over the same gear type on Orendi. It just isn’t as good.

If they wanted to say that Lore Legendary are easier, so they made them weaker, that’d be fine, but it should then cost fewer shards to activate.

Maxed out epic (purple) gear costs 1050. The two universal qualities on lore gear are LOWER than the two potential qualities on epic gear, but there is a third quality for the specific character whose lore it is.

I’d probably be content if they made lore gear its “own” category (say make it red instead of gold, purple, blue, green or white)…and made it cost 1050 to activate. On non-lore characters it’d be sub-par. On lore characters it might provide an edge, but not a huge one…I think that’d be pretty balanced.


An example for my last post…

Consider the following four choices (three legendary at full cost and a discount epic):

Attikus Lore Gear
Hedronic Amplifier
LEGENDARY cost 1800 shards
7.8% Attack Damage
4.68 Skill Damage
Attikus Only: Attacks charged by Hedronic Arc will slow on the first hit for each enemy.


Lenore’s Lament
LEGENDARY cost 1800 shards
9.1% Attack Damage
5.46 Skill Damage
Jennerit Only: Gain 8% Life Steal on attacks against non-Jennerit enemies.


Vow of Vengeance
LEGENDARY cost 1800 shards
+9.10% Attack Damage
+5.04% Attack Speed
Stack +0.91% Attack Damage with every melee hit. Max 10 stacks.


Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft
EPIC cost 1050 shards
+9.10% Attack Damage
+5.04% Attack Speed

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i’ve made basically this same post before, and the argument was essentially that the third stat offsets the max roll (which has already been mentioned)

a lore legendary that I 100% would use no matter what is ambra’s legendary where she constantly regains heat and maybe toby’s double hug.

but there has also been talks of A) making non max stat legendary gear not cost 1800 (not sure if this actually applies to lore legendaries though) and B) changing up some specific legendary gear to be on par with the other lore legendaries (like increased movement speed while OM’s stealth is on cooldown vs slowing enemies or constantly regenerating heat) that completely change how a character is played vs just a minor buff.

I think the winter update took up a majority of their attention and hopefully they’re looking further into other aspects of the game like lore legendaries

i love the idea of recompleting the lore again to max it out or maybe having a second set of challenges to get a second character specifc legendary. neither are very likely but it sounds so enticing!