Lore Legendaries

I’d like to hear you’re guys’ thoughts. Are these actually integral to Battleborn kits?

Like with Caldarius, is Blade of Transfusion something I SHOULD absolutely put on?

For the ones I’ve gotten, they tend to be more handy than not.

Blade of Transfusion, in particular, is very handy. IIRC, it boosts Attack Speed and Skill Damage as well, both of which are handy for Caldarius, in addition to 50% lifesteal with his ult. Attack Speed and Skill Damage are great for him, letting him hit faster, and giving a little more “oomph” to his skills, but 50% lifesteal, if you can use his ult right (which can take some practice to get good with, I’ll be the first to admit) that is HUGE and has been the difference between life and death for me more times than I care to admit. It might not be that you SHOULD ABSOLUTELY but it can be very helpful if you do.

It honestly just depends on how good the legendary itself is. WF’s Galahadric Gun Grease is absolutely worth it; the stats it gives (especially that massive 15% attack speed probably pushes its shard worth to like 2000 shards. Toby’s is downright fantastic and I never took it off in beta, since at level 4 it gives him essentially a 4 second stun, which is pretty ridiculous. I’ve also read about that Ambra’s is quite useful, since it lets you use her projectiles much more often. Many of them, however, are (or at least seem to be) not really worth their shards, like Kleese’s or Kelvin’s.

They are only worth it if the character specific ability is worth having on a average epic for something like 800 more activation cost.

In the case of caldarius, I do not think it is worth it. If you want As and Skill dmg then just get an epic with that because the heal from the legendary is only effective if you ult into a big crowd of minions which imo is 75% of the time not the right use of the ability, and therefore the gear’s special effect is rarely relevant to a match.

Ambra’s… yes. Others, not so much. I find I can get by pretty well without them for most characters, but Ambra’s is critical to my playstyle considering I want to use her as a ranged character. Shooting fireballs after lvl 7 really helps beat the last half of PvE missions and can be a game changer in PvP in the right circumstances.

Depend of the situation

Caldarius : Instead of running away when low health (if there is no ****** roof) you can come back full life with your ultimate and finish all the enemies
Ambra : It’s a must have when you have unlocked her lvl7 mid helix
Orendi : Pretty strong if you have unlocked her lvl10 helix “pillarstorm” cause it works on each pillar of the pillarstorm
Reyna : Really good passive… but too hard to aim
Mellka : Need 5 melee hits betwen 2 reloads for the full stack… too long
Benedict : One of the best character legendary
Toby : If you go for the stun yes it worth it… but really hard to get his legendary

Deande : the stats are too low (only -3.60% CD) and doesn’t really work great with the burst dash that use shield as you want it to recharge after the dash but you also need her stealth passive before the dash… so you can’t have both
I would prefer something like : enter in stealth or spawn holo-twin when bellow 20% heatlh (30sec CD) or something like spawn 2 holo-twin instead of one

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I only really play Incursion and the best answer unfortunately is “probably not.” Personally I think using any Legendary on Echelon is a tall order given how few shards there are on the map. On Overgrowth 1 Legendary is fairly easy to attain, 2 is pushing it, and 3 usually just hinders your team. I mostly pug so I usually just run all whites because most pug Incursions are decided earlier rather than later.

For the heroes I play?

Ambra: Yes, must have for the Radiant Halberd mutation.
Caldarius: No, too late in the game for a utility piece.
Isic: No, if the aegis is breaking I’m probably dying anyway.
Marquis: No, I like to run a cheap all white utilitarian set up or a +15% Attack Damage setup
Miko: No, to me an early +14% healing white is more useful than any late game +healing gear
Whiskey Foxtrot: ??? 2/25 Oscar Mike kills @ level 14. I run a crazy +20% Attack Damage setup for around 2k shards.