Lore legendary fix

The lore legendary fix is here.
They’re all averaged to me. (stats wise)

Do you have a before and after photo? I’d love to see the new stats since it’s no longer RNG

Mine got worst
Ambra and reyna both were 7 percent skill damage 7 heal power for ambra and reyna was 7 percent cooldown 7 percent healpower now its been reduced to 6 percent. I dont think its worth the cost reyna might be as healing with pulsa beam ambra isnt.
So has my kelvins i thought it was bad before but now 240 health and 2.4 damage reduction i have better blues.


Don’t you mean purples? Because blues can only drop with the same stat bonus, with one having a conditional requirement.
I will agree though some epics are exactly that, epic, especially if they have a negative that doesn’t affect your character.

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No blues kelvin legendary 240 health 2.40 damage reduction if i miss a chomp is resets(i dont miss) i have a blue that gives me 278 health plus 243 after 180 seconds and it only costs 789 instead of 1800

My Marquis went from max stats (10.50 crit dmg) to 9%.
Overall I’m winning cuz I got crappy rolls on my other lore legendaries,can’t really complain,but I expected them to be max rolls.
I mean,they’re supposed to be special,you get them only once,average stat seems disappointing,especially considering the cost.

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Blues have the same stats… Legendaries and purples don’t… That’s what makes them unique… You can’t get a blue with max health and damage reduction…

So no blues are not better than legendaries, some epics maybe but definitely not blues

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Where did i say my blue gave me damage reduction?
I said my blue is better than my legendary.
I would rather 521 health for 789 shards then 240 health 2.4 damage reduction and a effect that only works if i miss with chomp which i dont because i have playe kelvin alot.

But it’s not…
It may give more health but that’s it…
You’re paying extra shards for the combinations that legendaries can have that you can’t get anywhere else

But it is the effect is worth less to me the extra health i get from the blue means more damage from kelvins chomp and the damage reducton is not worth the extra 1000 shards
Its down to play style but for me a would rather save 1000 shards for something else get more health and not bother with a effect that only works when i miss which i wont because i spent time getting use to the character.

Ok for his specific legendary a blue might benefit you more, but overall there are quite a few legendaries that have great stat combinations plus legendary perk that are worth every bit of 1800 shards.
I was speaking in more of a general legendary sense not targeting kelvins specific legend, sorry for any confusion my mistake

And here I thought my legendaries, which didn’t have max stats, were going to get better…they got worse xD

My S&A legendary went from +38.something shield recharge per second to 36. I expected it to go to 42recharge per second (which is max)…what the hell?

It seems that every legendary has had its max stat purposely nuked down a bit in terms of “max” when compared to all other rarities (even Purples). This is probably to account for the added “3rd perk” but…isn’t that what the 1000ish shards extra in cost was supposed to cover? Why weaken the maximum stat for legendaries?

I’m assuming is to keep the Lore Legendaries from making other epics or legendaries obsolete?


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It seems to vary between legendaries (not sure why) but my Oscar Mike legendary stats went up.

I purposefully held off completing any other characters complete lore because of the non max stat rolls. I kind of wish GBX would of released like an official statement as soon as this was discovered to prevent people from powering through a lot of characters lore for the legendaries. I don’t do code but it seems like retro actively changing everyone’s stats seems complicated.

The max stats didn’t get nerfed but all the stats got averaged to around the middle.
If you had a max stat legendary to dropped down but if you had a min stat legendary it got raised up.

I didn’t mean nerfed when compared to other legendaries, I meant the maximum scores for stats don’t apply to Lore legendaries as they do other gear.

7% Skill damage is normally the max stat, but for Lore Legends it is 6%
14% Damage Reduction is max, for Lore it’s 12% etc.

I was just making that observation.

Bad decision if you ask me, and it has ruined most lore legendaries for me. Legendaries are already balanced against lower rarities by the insane shard cost, which is a big tradeoff in pvp especially, there’s really absolutely no need to punish you twice for using them by also giving them bad stats. Back to max rolled green/blue/purples, as it seems gbx wants lore legendaries to just be trophies.

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I also was under the impression that they were going to get max stats, not default/average. Though… this does have the side-effect of telling me what an average “roll” for a stat is, so I know what min-max are.