Lore legendary gear not changed to highest values

Hey guys, the patch is out for everyone now and I read that the lore legendary gear would not have randomized values anymore, but instead have the highest possible value. I had 2 legendary lore gear already unlocked before the patch, but they didn’t change at all. I have seen that there are higher variants out there, so I know I dont have the maximum values. Is it that only the gear that you acquire after the patch changes? If so that is really stupid and if I would have known, I would have waited to unlock them. Do you guys know more about this?

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I don’t have the slightest inkling about game coding or development so take my opinion with a grain or two of salt,

BUT I would imagine that retrieving everyone’s legendary gear items and reworkng the stats to maximum might be unachievable. I’m going to guess that they’ll have standardised stats from this point onward only which, yeah, sucks for anyone that already has lore specific legendary gear at sub par stats :sweat:

They were able to do it in the borderlands games though IIRC. With the loot hunt event.

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Well here’s hoping then! Like I said, I have literally NO idea how and what can be done, but if it’s something that can be done then they should definitely get onto that. I’m lucky (unskilled? lol) enough to have not unlocked any lore specific legendaries myself yet, I was kind of avoiding finishing any before this patch for this very reason

Dear Gearbox, this change has to be retroactive!

I could have sworn there was something somewhere about preexisting legendaries being upgraded…

Even so, yes this definirely needs to be addressed some way. Players who’ve already unlocked their legendaries will be at an automatic disadvantage against players who unlock them tomarrow.

Perhaps finding some way to give players a new copy of the gear they’ve unlocked? Not like they’ll want to keep the inferior version if they get a new one.

They shouldn’t have told us that all of them would be fixed then.

Besides it’s all server side. They can easily change them.

Couldn’t they also just re reward them to anyone who has the lore completed? This would also help the poor souls who deleted their lore specific gear too.

Please, fix that asap gb

I just got Ambra’s lore gear today and it was not perfect stats. I also thought this was going to be fixed. I was pretty disappointed when I saw it.

Have like 6 different lore gear items. None of them are peak stats, Just rounded out stats like my Reyna Legendary went from 6.33% or whatever to 6.00%

Same, my legendary Ambra gear (Shard of Jennerit) went from 6.37 each to 6… with her nerf as well it is extra heart breaking. lol

Since every item uses a GearLevel value between 0 and 1 to determine the stack roll, if they were to change the formula to use a constant value of 1 instead of the item’s GearLevel that would fix it without having to go through everyone’s inventories and changing the GearLevel (which could also be a check done when retrieving your gear but would probably take more work since it is actually modifying player items).