[Lore] Now we know Jack's TPS weapon

With BL3 we now can tell what weapon Jack was using during the Pre Sequel.
In the video introducing Jack at the start of TPS he’s using a type of wrist mounted pistol (two of 'em) and those never showed up in TPS.
In BL3 they appear, I’m going to state categorically that Jack is using a pair of Atlas AX series pistols in TPS.
Of course, the question is Why? He’s a Hyperion man, and in BL2 he shoots Roland with a Hyperion pistol. And we know that Hyperion pistols do exist in TPS.
So why is he wielding twin AX’s in TPS?

It’s Hyperion not Atlas. Atlas guns from BL3 were designed by Rhys(?) long after TPS.


In the immortal words of the people from eh great state of Missouri, Show Me. I never saw a wrist-mounted Hyperion weapon in TPS, the AX edition in 3 is the first.
Perhaps Hyperion co-opted their design, but…

Atlas didn’t used to be like this. They made regular looking weapons. Rhys, an ex Hyperion employee rebuilt Atlas.

New Atlas is therefore built in some senses with some Hyperion prototype blueprints. Atlas was DEAD during TPS (when destroyer killed Steele, and we killed Knox, they were finished) Marcus in an Echo says all their weapons stopped functionong (brickware). So no Atlas weapons worked during TPS times. Rhys rebuilt Atlas post- BL2. TPS Jack wouldn’t have a new Atlas gun then. Therefore, based on all we know, the most logical assumption is Jack had a Hyperion prototype weapon that Rhys thought looked cool and when inventing new weapons, wanted one that looked like it.

Now for pure un-supported head canon. Jack abandoned the wristol (wrist pistol) because the aim was atrocious. You can’t aim your arm as well as you think you can, and with it being fully wrist mounted, you don’t have the ease of controlling it with both hands for stability. How did Rhys fix this? By making a homing tracker system that allowed it to function even if you were running away.


I support this un-supportedness with logic because of the logical explanation given after.


most reasonable explanation for the questions raised in this thread, given the timeline.

also possible some of the gun technology that Rhys uses for new Atlas originated in the Vault of the Traveler where he left off in Tales. but that’s just a thing I have in my head is that there was some benefit for him from his search for that Vault. but honestly we probably haven’t even seen any of the results that came of that.

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