Lore question about the hyperspace cores

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So ever since buying the original HW1 way back when things were still sepia-toned, I delved into the lore regarding the hyperspace cores. I remember being confused as to their purpose in the game; I couldn’t conceive of them as being anything other than a sci-fi “MacGuffin” of sorts, something that is used to move the plot along with no other technical purpose. Regardless I loved the game and it is still my favorite game to date. However I had hoped HW2 would clear up the “hyperspace cores” thing from a technical standpoint but I still stand eluded. So I’m hoping one of you smarter and more intuitive folks here can help me :smile:

The TLDR: what exactly does the hyperspace core achieve? Or put another way, what does it “grant” the user, from a purely technical standpoint.

It’s assumed that the cores grant the user to conduct hyperspace operations and, judging by the way non-core-integrated units can hyperspace back and forth on the map, also grants nearby units hyperspace capabilities as well. A hyperspace-capable mothership, for example, can “grip” nearby child units in the space-time continuum and fling them across the map at will.

However HW2 alluded to there being only 3 hyperspace cores in existence. Yet we see multiple races throughout HW1 and HW2 zipping across the galaxy, in and out of the main player’s storyline like its nothing. Simply put, hyperspace seems to be a widely-available technology.

So what is the significance of the three cores, then? Are there a bunch of races running around with cheap knock-off cores that were produced in galactic sweatshops?

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The Bentusi were the first to acquire the hyperspace core, and when they realized its powers they attempted to reproduce it. Unfortunately they were unable to reconstruct it completely, and every remake attempt only granted them minor hyperspace capabilities, and although over time they became more efficient than previously, they still cannot go the distance that the “far jumping” cores can.

these remakes are an attempt at recreating the core but because nobody knows exactly what is inside the core, they can only manufacture a hyperspace “drive”.

In the original homeworld, i would assume that the taiidan move around using basic hyperspace drives, and when the Kadesh came in, they prolly also used drives and a nearby staging area.

because the bentusi owned an original core, when we saw the tradeship, it could have been catapulted around by the Bentus itself.

Homeworld 1 manual says that the Kushan were able to successfully reverse engineer the hyperspace core they found in the Khar Toba and scale it up dramatically to create the Mothership hyperspace core.

Homeworld 2 retconned it so that the hyperspace core in the Khar Toba was one of the Three Cores forged by Sajuuk. The thing that sets the Three apart from the lesser cores is that they’re Far Jumper cores, capable of covering significantly longer distances than any of the cores that were imperfectly reverse engineered from them.

Ya and in the original script written by the original story author for Hw1 (I believe it was Alex Garden) the Bentusi were the first to find one of the great 3 cores… Several centuries later the Hiigarans were the 2nd to find a core which they used to obliterate the Taiidan Homeworld by passing by their frontlines.

Then the Bentusi came demanding the release of the 2nd core for safeguard purposes to prevent the Hiigarans from doing something like that ever again. But they refused and in fact layed a trap for the Bentusi. (The Bentusi back then played some sort of intergalactic peace keeper role.) And so they eventually attacked the Bentusi (Bentus the ship) which resulted in total destruction of their rallied fleets back at Hiigara. That allowed for angry Taiidan to storm in after the loss of their Homeworld overrunning the last remaining Hiigaran defence forces.

Which then led to the ancient Hiigarans their exile. Bentus was put to rest when the Bentusi realized their mistake regarding the Hiigarans. Did they see them almost as equals as they too held a Hyper drive core. And they hoped the Hiigarans would become like them but instead they became like the Taiidan became few centuries later war hungry and corrupt. During the final battle over Hiigara the Hiigaran flagship made a suicide hyperspace jump into the Angel moon and managed that way to hide the 2nd Hyperspace core which was then carried all the way to Kharak. As for Bentus it was never seen again till the timeline of HW2 when the 3rd Core was found by the Vaygr.

Anyway I can’t say if this is canon or not considering that this whole background story existed only in a text document but it’s certainly most interesting and came directly from the official main story writer himself.