Lore Question: the Destroyer's Eye

Ok, so a while ago I did a playthrough of vanilla BL1 Enhanced (doing all the DLC as a matter of fact; gone through everything (but not 20-rounds-Moxxi hah!) and I’m halfway through the Claptrap DLC now.)

So when you defeat the Destroyer, the new cutscene clearly shows it just slinking back into the Vault and disappearing (instead of the scene fading to white in the original cutscene). No corpse for Jack to yank its eyeball from.

Though in the original of course, there was no big Destroyer corpse left behind either. So when I saw the events portrayed in Claptastic (Hyperion workers lifting the eye out of the Destroyer’s corpse), I just assumed there was a little artistic retconning fudging going on there and the body was supposed to actually be there even if we didn’t actually see it in the original game. But that new cutscene in the remastered BL1 seems pretty clear that the Destroyer seems to just retreat back into the Vault when it’s had enough.

Now I know the Borderlands canon is full of holes you can drive a semi rig through, but this one seems like a bigger deal than, say, “why don’t the Vault Hunters in BL2 just hitch a ride on a buzzard up and over the death wall to the Bunker instead of all this convoluted Claptrap software update crap?” :wink:

There’s a rumor that the Destroyer is returning in BL3, so maybe this is a little more retconning at work.


I still don’t know why we cant use buzzards…

Im pretty sure Jack got the original Vault Key from Tannis, because you have to give Tannis the key to turn in the mission, then he was able to open the Vault again, and get the eye from The Destroyer’s body.

Agreed. There’s that line where he mentions getting it from her as you approach control core angel.

Hmmm, I would assume the vault key would’ve been ‘used up’ and needed to be recharged after Steele used it, but perhaps its battery meter wasn’t on 0% yet. :smiley:

Or maybe we’ll have to retcon the retcon so that the only remnants of the destroyer were it’s eye, which was subsequently found lodged on an arch and hidden from view unless you happened to riding a JET Loader.