Lore questions about Ambra and Oscar

Is Ambra a cyborg?
How does Oscar look under the mask?

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The real question you should be asking is what does Caldarius look like under his helmet.


These infos are to be found in the many Lore-parts & bits, but if you want us to give spoilers, then your wish should be granted :heart:

Ambra is a Silent Sister an old order of priestress in the Jennerit Empire). She is sustained, and it seems many of the Sustained are partly cyborgized. Rath´s head for example.

Oscar Mike is a Galahadrim Clone. Galahardim are blue-purple aliens, with gills and fishlike features and multiple eyes. Here a concept art with Oscar Mike´s face

Working on some fanart regarding this mystery^^


DAMN Oscar Mike looks ugly :joy: Any chance he could possibly look more like this instead?



I know about that Oscar Mike concept art, but I also know it is aconcept art. It is not how he actually looks, is it?

I find it weird he would look less human than the failed clone, Foxttrot.

But then again, who knows? I really wish the devs would tell?

No. I think one of the designers or developers explained that what you see on her arms and legs is armour. Although it must be pretty much permanently in place, and she must be particularly scrawny. Then again, since she seems to fly everywhere (presumably augments on the armour), it seems reasonable that she’d lose muscle mas in her legs.


The concept art looks a lot like Whiskey Foxtrot, so I think its legit.

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Given that OM and WF are both Mike clones (with the difference being that WF was from a “failed” batch), you’d expect them to look identical barring battle scars.


Is everyone ignoring the fact that in one Caldarius lore they talk about his armor being inhabited by a very small alien?
Couldn’t this imply that he is indeed tiny and driving the suit?

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That’s what I’m getting at bro. Don’t want, need to see his tiny alien ass. It’s probably like that little alien dude from Men In Black.

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Eww, no.

I like the idea of him looking like Foxttrot, and I like the idea of him looking human vs Foxttrot looking monstruous.

But I do not like the idea of a tiny alien like that scene from Men In Black.

Then again, that hypothesis is definitely not likely: because Foxtrot and Oscar are clones, it’s impossible that one is human-sized and the other is tiny.

I’d still like an unmasked Oscar skin, even if I imagine it goes against the lore they try to establish for him. It’s just that you just can’t draw fanarts of him unmasked since you don’t know how he looks.

So, where is it confirmed that Ambra isn’t a cyborg?

I’m not sure I’d say “confirmed not a cyborg”, since this is the first time I’ve seen any suggestion that she might be one. That said, the topic of her skin/lines/whatever has come up before, and I do remember one of the developers or designers chiming in. I can’t find the discussion right now though - perhaps @Jythri would care to comment?

Beatrix is definitely part cyborg, but that is fleshed out (!) in her lore as being due to the wasting disease that led to her early sustainment.

Calderius’ lore clearly indicates that the armour is heavily modified to contain a smaller person, Kemissians being smaller in stature. (Maybe hobbit sized in comparison to humans? Thrall and Jennerit clearly cover a very wide range of heights.)

We know from the story ops that Deande is the one who orchestrated Attikus getting that arm thing.

I haven’t delved into Rath yet.

Why do you want Oscar Mike to look like Walter White’s wife in Breaking Bad? :smirk:


Just to clarify, Caladarius is the one who is small alien operating a fighting suit. Oscar and Whiskey are clones, with Whiskey being from a bad batch of clones.

Ambra is not a Cyborg from all the lore I’ve read. She is a sustained Silent Sister. The stuff you see on her is jut armor. It’s even clearer on her premium skins that the stuff your talking about is just armor. All of the Jennerit have that high tech armor look to them. I think the only Jennerit cyborg is Beatrix.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the art style of Battleborn is very stylized. Characters looking scrawny or weirdly proportioned is likely just a result of them being cartoony (eg Montana).


I gotchu fam


Ambra is not a cyborg. She’s pure Jennerit. The lines on her skin-tight white suit are just seams. I believe we had to add them there early on when there was some confusion over whether or not she was naked.


I see! Then it’s like with her golden-looking Mayan skin.

Have you decided, at some point in development, how Mike looks under the mask, or is that something you left to speculation and therefore haven’t planned?

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He was a slave fighting in the pits, my guess is the armor fits his size and since he most likely is malnourished he’s a super thin alien. they do Refer to it as armor and not a Mech.

Though in one part of the lore they say all armors are different on the inside to accommodate the different alien races using the armors.

I’m guessing the actual question is if the kemessians are this tiny pixy people mentioned. wish there was more lore or ops missions exploring all this.

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Well, underneath the armour, she is!