Lore questions about Ambra and Oscar

The portion of his face that you can see that seems to be heavily damaged and probably consists of mostly scar tissue

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WF: “Now who’s defective? Oh wait, still me”

Lot’s of stuff in the OM Battle School story op when you hit certain specific play-throughs as well.

Agree with this. Refrence:

Incidentally @lunsei: any poster with an orange outline around their post is Gearbox staff. You may also find the collection of reference art here useful:

I insist, the actual Whiskey in-game model does not have the same face of that concept art.

That concept art is definitely alien, the actual in-game model is more humanlike.

What you’re looking at above is the in game model

I just now realized something and I’m kinda disappointed for not realizing it sooner but I don’t think there is any public Whiskey concept art

I blew them both up to roughly the same size, so we can get a better look at both images - first, the OM concept art and then the WF reference from the in-game model:


• The eye is the same
• Forehead, hair, and “ears” are all hidden by the helmet, even with the missing section
• Chin has less texture/definition, but that may be constraints imposed by the model implementation
• Mouth and nose are a bit higher up; again, could just be a change made in producing the in-game model
• Not sure if that cheek bulge is meant to be physiology or implant? If the latter, it’s obviously been ripped out

You can pretty much head-cannon out minor discrepancies as due to the defective cloning in the case of WF’s batch. Overall, though, there’s not really enough of WF’s face visible to make a decent comparison. Only the concept artist really knows.


If they had kept with the exact design of the concept art making exaggerated expressions may have been difficult. Foxtrot’s model makes it easier to model familiar expressions and it looks more menacing in my opinion. So I would guess they went with more human features for reasons like that.

Mike and Foxtrot would have the same face (edit: if they used the same Galahadrim for the cloning process). Foxtrot’s batch was faulty because of “emotions” or something like that. Nothing was mentioned about his appearance.


Yeah, there’s that line about folks being afraid that WF is going to eat them… Oh, and he’s the Rogue’s cook?!

Which is all odd, because OM clearly also has emotions. Maybe it’s just the anger issues? Walking around with a barely suppressed rage for no reason whatsoever probably doesn’t endear you to many people.

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You said that the Jennerit utilized many different races as shock troopers.
But, why mention the small alien at all in the lore at all if Caldarius is a normal sized being?

In the spirit of Battleplan Lore Thursdays. :slight_smile:

Caldarius is about eighteen inches tall, yes. :slight_smile: Not all shock troopers are the small Kemessians. Many of them are normal-sized Jennerit.

Around 1’6" tall, these small dark-skinned folk are known for their incredibly disproportionate strength, able to lift 20 to 30 times their weight. They have a reputation as fierce, unrelenting warriors. Their home of origin was the bitterly cold planet, Askallar from the Forthus system.

Askallar was overrun by the Jennerit Empire in 19,739 c.r. in an event known as the “Reaping of Askallar”. The Jennerit, aware of an impending Varelsi darkening there, offered the Kemessians the options to become slaves and live or remain behind and die to the inevitable tide of Varelsi about to claim the planet. Only a fraction of the populace accepted the “Reaping”. A few others were forcibly taken (re. Caldarius).

Kemessians typically live for 400-500 years.



So, just to help put to rest some doubts:

  • Oscar Mike and Whiskey are clones of a long-dead race known as the Galahadrim.
  • Whiskey is from a earlier batch that was considered “defective”, but mostly for psychological reasons. That batch were less ‘group compliant’ as soldiers.
  • Whiskey is currently 25 years old. Oscar Mike is 20. They both began clone life as ~20 year old adult Galahadrim.
  • Whiskey was only with the RDC for a year, before being rejected from the service. He went AWOL shortly thereafter and has had an “interesting life” since then. Any differences in the Whiskey face and the Oscar Mike face should be attributed to age and lifestyle variances.

A strong and ferocious blue-skinned race of humanoids from the planet Bromiet, they have been (technically) extinct for almost 1,500 years as their home system was one of the first inhabited planets darkened by the Varelsi. It is only because of the R.D.C. cloning program that the race still exists in the universe at all. Unfortunately, the R.D.C. only had samples of male DNA and thus far has had no luck in replicating females of the species.



Interesting discussion! I think most people take the lore entry regarding the small cockpit size in one example as implying that Caldarius is small for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s noted immediately after the bit about size that the Jennerit are using a lot of Kemessians (Source).
  • It’s noted in Calderius’ lore that he’s small, having bested someone “three times his size

Edit: Ninja’d by the official word!

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Thank you for clarifying @Jythri !

So, to recap… Whiskey’s failed cloning is not on a physical level but only on a psychological level? I assumed those cyber things in his body were proof he’s a physically unstable clone, not just mentally unstable. Has this really been lore-confirmed?

Both Whiskey and Mike were created as adults, so is this why Mike sometimes doesn’t remember words? I don’t know about the English dubbing, but in the Italian dubs Mike has a phrase in which he says “You are… mmmh… oh right, dead!” and it doesn’t sound ironical, it actually sounds as if he forgot the word.

Yes. @Jythri = Randy Varnell, lead developer.

Not sure about the language thing. Mike is a little… slow… at times.

LOVE it when I’m right!



New lore unlock: Stalking @Jythri for when he just casually drops lore bombs in various places. >_>"


Sorry for necroposting; i wanted to say it long ago but got completely distracted

Around 1’6" tall, these small dark-skinned folk are known for their incredibly disproportionate strength, able to lift 20 to 30 times their weight.

Since codex never told us if they are humanoid/aviant/something else, only that they are dark and small, my friend and i began to imagine kemessians as sphynx cats.

Sorry again :slight_smile:


The disapproving stare seems appropriate enough to me!


Since it’s been necroed, ive recently taken to AU Caldarius:

(Miek, thor:ragnarok vers)

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