Lore Rewards, Legendary gear and RNG

it was pointed out to me that lore reward gear was fixed at some random non-max numbers. I checked this and it turns out to be apparently correct (save the case where my Captain’s Timepiece, my Tactical accelerator and my friend’s comparison Tactical Accelerator all had the same random round numbers, which seems extremely unlikely). So now the main point of this post is kinda moot and I’m left just with the lesser ones. Including “why the hell aren’t these max?”

Original Post:

One of the most interesting things to do in Battleborn is unlock the lore challenges for each character. Not only are some of the lore pretty interesting (say, Reyna, OM…) but also some of the gear is amazing (Deande, Thorn…)

However there is a pretty annoying issue that this too is tied to RNG. So you have to go all the way through the lore challenge to get your character-specific item only to then be at the mercy of RNG to see if you get any decent numbers on the item.

I personally think legendaries should always be max stats. They are always max cost, anyways and, when you compare them to Borderlands legendaries (which I will do), BB’s are much more annoying to farm. Missions are long, a large portion of legendaries aren’t even boss-farmable, drops are not guaranteed… heck, if you’re after a Rendain legendary, you’re looking at probably some 40 minutes for a shot at one. And there are four of those. Adding RNG on top of all this is pretty bad, imo, especially when you consider this is a competitive game and, as such, the not ready availability of gear is a balance issue in itself.

All of this gets exacerbated when you deal with the legendary lore rewards. You only get one shot at them and should you get a bad one, well, tough luck, looks like you’re not playing that particular style with this character. Just yesterday I got Reyna’s and with a 6% CDR it’s just rubbish (I also found its special effect to be pretty uinderwhelming, but that’s a different discussion).

TL;DR: Legendaries need better availability. People need to be able to find out what they want and have a means to go after them. Having RNG on legendary stats is pretty lame. RNG on legendaries for lore reward gear is completely horrible and it should’ve been a given that they’re always max.

Pretty sure they patched it so lore legendaries all have the same max-like stats (i.e. no RNG). I say max-like because I think their special abilities require slight balancing in the numbers of the primary stats.

I’ll try and get some hard numbers evidence but unfortunately they’re not.
Numbers on them are pretty random. Also most legendaries have crazy uniques so I doubt that’d be the case… If we’re talking Reyna, for instance, I like going with a Bunker Buster and a Henchman’s Capacitor. That’s 31.50% shield penetration and the same 31.5% as extra damage to shields. You make people naked pretty crazily fast. Considering I found Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece to be pretty underwhelming the one time I took it for a spin, I think that’s a good example.

Even if we compare some of the better ones (Deande’s Fan of the Retreat is pretty crazy, for instance) you also get tons of ridiculous “standard” ones, such as Symbiotic Gauntlet and Bolas Target Finder (Try putting both on a Thorn)…

For regular legendaries, yes I agree that they should always have max stats considering the set activation cost and “legendary” status.

As for lore legendaries, they can never have max stats but they can never have min stats either, they’re all set to have average stat totals. Why this is I do not know, they should always have max stats.

Meant to say the lore legendaries all have the same stats (i.e. your Fan of the Retreat has the same stats as mine); used to be RNG and you could get a FotR with better stats than me).

Tons of threads discussing how legendaries should work, flat max stats at 1800 cost VS varying stats at varying cost being the big topic.

This is what I meant by max-like; they can have good stats relative to non-lore legendaries, but they’ll never be the same because of the added character-only ability.

I know, I’ve been involved in many of those discussions myself :slight_smile:

I know what you meant, I was just clarifying for the OP :slight_smile:

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If all legendary gear had max stats, it would basically be pointless to farm any PvE content for gear more than once. Having players try for max roll gear makes them run more PvE content, which I am perfectly fine with.

[quote]RNG on legendaries for lore reward gear is completely horrible and it should’ve been a given that they’re always max.

Lore legendaries have flat stats, not RNG, and haven’t had random stats for over a month now. Their stats are set at roughly 80-85% of max, with no variance whatsoever. I’ve got no idea why they don’t have max stats since the tertiary benefits are specific to a single character and generally only apply to a single skill or stat, many of which end up being worse than the really top tier legendaries which will pretty much always have better stats than lore legendaries, but whatever.

I’ll agree that lore legendaries definitely need to have max stats, but you need to get your facts straight first.

Most missions are pretty fun, you still get tons of non-legendaries and you have several legendaries per mission so I don’t think max stats would keep people from playing PvE.

And I did mention I intend to check the numbers

Agree that non-max-stats legendaries in missions allows for replayability, but there’s also high-scoring, trophies/achievements, farming easier levels for character lore challenges, and of course character and command XP until you max those as well.

But then again, if all of those OTHER factors are irrelevant/completed and I STILL don’t have that max stats legendary…

I know lots of people who do PvE extensively and have almost every single dropped legendary in the game. One of the biggest motivators for these people (myself included) is getting a “perfect” collection (e.g. all legendaries with max stats). Using myself as an example, I am missing exactly 1 dropped legendary (Heliophagic Goggles) but still need an additional 9 legendaries with max stats (from 5 different missions). If legendaries all had max stats, I’d have a lot less impetus to do anything except for Heliophage (and wouldn’t have had any gear impetus to do more than 3 total missions since about halfway through the Lootpocalypse).

Yes, PvE is fun and interesting, but it’s not a question of stopping players from playing content. This is a question of removing the impetus for players to farm said content, especially with the almost insanely high drop rate on legendaries now. Before the legendary drop rate increase that made it more common to get a legendary than to not get one in a mission, I would have agreed that guaranteed max stats were the way to go, but, since they made it so that legendaries drop as often as they do now, the fact that they don’t have max stats is required to prevent players from just getting it done in a tiny smattering of runs.

You get character and command xp no matter what you do, so it’s not really a major motivator for PvE as far as I’m concerned; it’s a generic motivation for doing anything. The same is true of the trophies/achievements (of which only the lore achievements are particularly difficult and those only take a while because you have to do stuff with every character for between 4-5 hours at a minimum) and lore challenges: with a few exceptions, you can get them accomplished doing pretty much anything (and many of the PvE specific challenges can either be done in pretty much any mission in 1-2 attempts or require a single run of a specific mission).

Going for a high score is kind of irrelevant, in my opinion, since high score strategies aren’t really “good play” strategies (most of them involve farming a specific instance in the mission that spawns enemies infinitely, which is just time as opposed to skill), not to mention that it doesn’t really give you anything except for a number that pretty much no one else is ever going to see (high score doesn’t even give more xp/credits). Even then, for high score, most people I know of are only really interested in getting gold on a mission (which, once again, doesn’t require good play as much as a point exploitation strategy; also, you can very easily one-and-done it).

The motivations you’re referring to either motivate people to play in general (achievements, xp/credits) or are only motivations for an extremely short period of time (lore challenges, high score).

Making it so that drop legendaries automatically have max stat simply turns a long term specific PvE motivator (easily the longest term motivator, imo, since it takes so long to get all drops with max rolls) into a significantly shorter one.

It makes sense to give lore legendaries max stats by default because you can only ever get the one, and the default assumptions for people using a legendary is that it has max stats because it’s not too difficult to get a specific legendary with max stats (or at least near max; the difficult/time consuming element is in getting all legendaries with max stats).

Definitely see that perspective, was just trying to think up other reasons for replayability. I’m fine with fixed amount of replayability personally, makes it a lot easier to feel like I’m completing my backlog, know what I mean? :smiley:

On the other hand, could go one further and associate having only max stats legendaries as being an even bigger reason for the need for a prestige system, but that’s another topic.

So given the responses here I went home yesterday and ground the lore challenges for Oscar Mike seeing as they’re easy, I was about halfway done and one of my friend’s had a Tactical Accelerator already.

Turns out you guys were apparently correct and there is no RNG on them lore reward gears after all. It’s just bad numbers so… wtf, guise… still, the lesser of complaints regarding this