Lore Unlock Glitch - The Life Guards have given Up

So… I’m in the Middle of Bots Battle, use my Riptide and it happens… I see Master of Alani, the Skin Unlocks, the Title the Trophy… but the Lore doesn’t.

It’s STILL stuck at 7/25.

Just wanted to let People know there might be something off with this Lore Challenge, cause that is the absolutely last Lore I had left to do.

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That lore is REALLY BUGGY. Like, to the point where my homies in discord went into heliophage and lined up as a full alani team, and tried to get the lore. I know they succeded, but it took them a while. Like, that lore is so buggy, I wish GBX would fix it.

After a whole day of using only Alani in Bots Battle I finally got it done… so the only thing I still don’t get is why I got the Title/Skin/Gear although it seems I didn’t beat the Lore… that’s really odd. :confused:

Just glad I was able to get the Lore + Taunt after all :smile:

Afaik @Kaleidodemon had the same issue. lore still locked, but game says its done.