Lore unlocks in private matches (no bots)

I’m sure this has been discussed before a lot, but I can’t find any real answers. I have a group of friends (usually between 6 and 10 of us) who play together, so we go for Private PvP matches and form our own teams. No bots. So, it’s from 3v3, up to 5v5. My question/problem is this - why the lore challenges don’t count when you’re playing in private matches? I understand maybe why it’s disabled for bots, so people wouldn’t be able to grind (although, I disagree with that, I think you should let people play the way they want), but why is it disabled while not using bots?! Is there any word from Gearbox about that, why is it completely disabled in private matches? Did they say they might change that, or any note on that?

There would be even more reason to disable it when playing against other players, because then you could intentionally do stuff to let someone grind out a lore challenge. If I needed stuns as miko, you could go on the other team and just stand there and let me stun you over and over. Even a bot wouldn’t let you do that.


Agreed. It is most likely also this way because the reward is actually something that improves the character (the Legendary Gear piece). If it was just some cosmetic stuff it probably wouldn’t matter too much, but because of that gear they had to make it a bit harder to get.

All in all the challenges really aren’t too hard if you have friends that play. My issue is getting the right characters to play with (for instance, Shayne and Aurox need to go through 5 matches with Reyna for one of them). Those that I play with are on at random times and not often so I’d feel bad asking them to play a character they may not like.

Having someone play Reyna is so easy tho all you need is one friend that one is actually grindable, stuff like kill 25 Mikes is just so annoying, it’s not about the legendary for most people it’s about learning more about there favorite character and progressing with them

I understand the wanting to know the lore thing. I was just saying that’s why they have it so you actually have to earn the lore unlocks.

Again, its really that I don’t have enough people playing at the times I play, and if I do I don’t want to ruin their fun by having them play something they may not like.

You say the challenges aren’t too hard? Have you seen Foxtrots? Or Galileas? Any challenge that requires killing 25 of specific Battleborn is actually too streched out. That requires, for example, for opposing team to have Oscar Mike in their team, and that you’re the one who kills him. 25 times. As Foxtrot. And on the other hand you have Ambras or Orendis lore which I unlocked in like 4-5 story missions.

That was not the point of my topic. Even though I know some people will abuse that, I for one don’t wanna play PvP with pubbies with just any character that often, so I don’t wanna be forced to do it. We mainly play together as a team, trying tactics and playing against other pre-made teams tournaments, so we need to do it on private matches, and don’t wanna be punished for that. Still, my question is not whether someone agrees with me or not, I just wanna know if Gearbox said anything about changing that, or that will stay the way it is.

Ah, that got mentioned today sorta in an interview with Randy V. I think. They are open to changing challenges if they feel there isn’t a high enough completion rating on them.

“Note about Lore Challenges
Very open to changing requirements for challenges.
Pulling completion rate data this week. Anything is that is under expected, will be targeted first.”

See the link to the Reddit article on this discussion.

Pfft, speak for yourself, I want the legendary… now, if I could just kill 500 minions with my plasma dash…

Yeah, I saw that. Foxtrot will probably the first one they will change cause he’s not one of the top 10 best PvP characters, and most of his lore is PvP-based.

But I still feel very punished for playing Private matches.

I would like to add in, the bird dude requires 3 other peace keepers on a time which is actually an impossible one to do with out allot of friends since he’s the only good peace keeper that people would constantly pick

I think I really should have the option to be able to get my kills in private matches, I probably would just actually have a death match between me and a friend and force them to play Mike. I think they should have focused challenges that require investment and not the planets to align just so you have a chance at a lore challenge

Oh something to add, someone has to play 5 games with ghult or what ever his name is, you want to talk about brutal, that’s just evil. Kinda off topic but that still gets to me

I did it on first story mission. Just grind beginning where there is a lot of minions and robots, it will take you approximately 10 times (just the start, around first corner, wound them a bit, dash, run and hide, wait till skill is available and repeat). Restart mission, and you’ll get it in less than 1 hour of playing. That’s how I got my ISIC lore and legendary.

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Wait, those count? SWEEEET, thanks for the heads up, I owe you one!

Yup, those count :wink:
Np, glad to help!

And yeah, chriscuccaro, Mellka needs to play with Ghalt 5 times, which is the only lore challenge I’m missing for her, since my friend has Ghalt and plays it in PvP with us…but on private match. So no lore count.

I got my melee kills for foxtrot in the renegade, I just kept redoing the first part with all the small easy to kill stuff, just a heads up for anyone who needs kills with an attack that doesn’t deal much damage

Ok, now I’m doing Kleese’s lore and one of the challenges requires to play him on every map. But every time I play Incursion, Overgrowth gets voted! It happened for 12 consecutive times on public servers so far! If the answer is “have you and your 4 friends play together public and vote for that map”, don’t bother, cause most players here don’t have full lobby team to play with, and it really is annoying playing something 50 times in a row hoping this time Echelon will be voted. Gearbox, let us do lore challenges on private matches!!!

Play the Algorithm. Don’t kill Geoff The Spider King. Let him summon all the minions. Dash through all the minions. Repeat until done.

Those “play with heroes” missions doesn’t need to be done in PvP. Also, you don’t need to actually win the match.

Honestly, I find the 500 black hole kills even more obnoxious…

is it so hard for people to just pick Echelon for ONCE!!! That’s all I need to finish Attikus…and win

I’d say Peacekeepers are the most commonly picked characters, actually. At least in my experience. Galilea, Oscar Mike and Montana are peacekeepers, too. As is Ghalt but he is a super late unlock. It is super tedious though and hardly realistic when playing with pubs, but at least it’s only three other characters…

Boldurs Lore challenge needs him to be on an all Eldrid team, 5 times.

But honestly challenges like this are very cheap… There are a lot of challenges, I understand that and making all of them interesting is extremely difficult. But they could have done better than this.