[Lore] Why is Galilea a Peacekeeper/UPR Battleborn?

I’m just kinda wondering why Galilea is classified under the “UPR/Peacekeeper” faction when according to her lore she used to be part of the Eldrid.

She was a high ranking member of their “Arbiters of Being” order, and was tasked by that order to be a double agent.

One of her other lores says she killed one of their Red Observers in a fit or rage[1] (after she gained her darkness powers I presume), but I still don’t think UPR/Peacekeeper makes much sense.

[1]Also that was over 500 years ago, so I’m sure they’ve gotten over it by now lmfao.

I mean sure - Ghalt is the one who found and recruited her, but he did the same for Mellka, and she’s still an Eldrid…

Hell, even her being in the Jennerit faction would make more sense in my opinion, due to her involvement with their inner circle for 18 years, and her friendship (albeit now very much “broken”) with Ambra.

I’m starting the think that the answer is gonna be something along the lines of “We needed more Peacekeeper characters to fill out their ranks.” lol… n.nU

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Yeah I found her faction placement a bit weird too. Battleborn doesn’t really try all that hard at telling a coherent story anyway imo so I doubt it was given too much thought

…Which is something I find REALLY weird since they took the time to set up all this complicated lore and backstories for the characters, then DON’T EXPLAIN SH*T!!! =.=

The lore is well written and deep enough for me to WANT to know more about it, they just don’t explain anything… >_<

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Maybe they’re planning to do a full novel series release later on down the track once they’ve hooked us in with the snippets of lore and backstory! I could get behind that.

I’m still lost as to why they thought it was a good idea to lock away the tiny bits of lore behind these awesome characters. I get the carrot-on-a-stick idea, but I thought GBX would be above doing that.

She is peacekeeper because she was recruited by Ghalt when he went to find the rumored “wrath of bliss” it’s in her lore :slight_smile:

If you’d read my ENTIRE post, you’d already have seen that:

  1. I already said that.
  2. I rationalized that reasoning aside by pointing out that Ghalt recruited Mellka and she’s still an “Eldrid”.

Hell, Ghalt recruited EVERYONE and they all kept their faction statuses…

Melka was eldrid to begin with though having come from an eldrid special forces team. Gali was not part of any faction prior to her recruitment. She then fought for hundreds of years with only the goal of killing the jennerit and no faction for support. That is why she was merged with the peace keepers. She used to be eldrid yet left it behind after her accident that combined her with the dark spirit.

I did read your entire post it was my fault for not being this specific the first time

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Seems pretty clear to me that Galilea is “tainted”. I could easily imagine the Eldrid not accepting her back because of this knowing their very “natural nature”, she doesnt seem to have good control over her condition thats for sure.

Why would they bring back Galilea when shes basically infected with the very thing they trained her to destroy in the first place? Or maybe its her decision for that same reason…she exiled herself knowing her condition…yet chose to accept UPRs offer knowing they are much more brutal/draconic in comparison to the more “in tune” Eldrid.

Makes sense to me…

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…And she works closely with the LLC, who are war profiteers.

One of her character-specific dialog lines during The Void in response to Wolf being incapable to comprehend he’s about to die is “Sigh This is barbaric, Kleese!” n.nU

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