Loses mouse functions when loading... 'searching for downloadable content.'

Two questions: One, is there any way to disable the interminable “Searching for Downloadable Content” when loading the game? This thing takes so long to load that I started hittine “esc” and ALT+TABbing out, then ALT+TABbiing back in later… but this created other problems, so I abandoned that practice and am now back to waiting forever for it to load…

Which makes the following all the more annoying: I’ve been using a gaming mouse, and when I first started using it, all was wall. Suddenly, when I load the game, I find I can’t use the mouse wheel to change weapons. Messing with the settings does nothing. Only way to get it to work is to shut down the game and load it again… and MOST of the time that’s enough to get it working properly.

Any ideas on how to fix either of these issues, what I should start looking at first? Running Win10 on a Dell laptop, no issues otherwise. Any specific info needed, I’ll be happy to dig it up for you!


Not that I’m aware of. It’s the game looking for updates, new dlc, and hotfixes.

Second one: not my area of expertise. There might be something in this category about it: hitting the search icon while at the top level or using your search engine of choice and throwing in the forum URL should hopefully pull up some hints. Otherwise, there’s the support ticket option.

I was playing this morning, no problem. Even the character screen bug (where it searches for content and spins around the VH) had disappeared. I came back from lunch and the mouse had quit working in BL2. (it works fine on the desktop.) Was there a stealth update from GB? Mac via Steam.

Had you left the game running but paused while you were away? To the best of my knowledge today’s hotfix would not have affected any control settings at all, and would not have been applied unless you had quit your session back to the main menu. There were no updates that I am aware of - the next one is coming up with the DLC (so this time next week).

Don’t you just love it when a “hotfix” fixes one issue… and introduces more new ones? Such as a non-functioning mouse wheel where it worked perfectly previously? I can get it to work, but really… having to load this game TWICE when it takes so long to load already is close to a dealbreaker. I sure hope BL3 runs better than this one is!

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Game will shoot from the mouse but won’t turn

But had you left the game running, or did you restart it? (Thinking there might possibly be some memory leak issue going on)

I think I quit out of BL2 but kept Steam running. I quit yesterday and just tried it now. Game loads up but the mouse won’t aim. Keyboard commands only.

Maybe try restarting the whole thing? If that doesn’t work, you can file a support ticket for additional assistance.

Restarting? Re-installing Steam?

No. Turning your computer completely off then on again, and relaunching steam/BL2. My son has occasional problems with peripherals on his gaming rig (usually the headphones but sometimes other things) where games don’t register them as they should. Sometimes that means quitting and restarting Steam/game, sometimes that means a quick reboot (thank goodness for SSDs)

I’ll try that. Thanks!

Edit: Restarting worked like a charm!

Never left the game running unattended; always did the ALT-TAB switching out to the desktop and other things, then ALT-TABbed back in. This worked alright for awhile, then started coming back doing the ‘character-screen’ and “Creating online session” that was just stuck, and went on forever. Had to shut it down and re-load to play, so I stopped using the ALT-TAB method. Now, I’m just resigned to the long load times, and the newest wrinkle is the failure to recognize mouse-wheel input.

I’ll try the “Nuclear Re-boot” option, shutting down the entire machine and re-starting Steam/Game. I generally don’t shut the machine off, because I frequently run into issues with wireless connectivity when starting back up (“Can’t connect to this network.”) Microsoft STILL doesn’t seem to have a definitive fix for this, so MY fix is to not shut the machine off. I can see where this might result in gradual, cumulative memory leakage, especially where I also have my email client, two browsers (with about two dozen tabs open) going on all the time. Thanks for the suggestion.