Losing all items from my Jack after using alt+f4?

Please help me, i’m panicking hardcore, I just spent today going through claptrap DLC with my NVHM Jack and after farming EOS to my satisfaction I headed to concordia to start grinding legendaries.

I’m going to admit, I use the alt+f4 tactic to get out of unfavourable grinds, and I think it might have bitten me in the ass here.

I Loaded up the game and my save, and now everything I had is gone. Zero weapons, zero other equipment, all I have is a man and his skill points. Oh, and his currency. But nothing that MATTERS.

Does anyone have any idea how I might get my stuff back? Or is it lost forever?

I would suspect it is unless reloading the save magically fixed it but I doubt it would.
R.I.P. loot :dukesad:

Did you try your backup save?

Backup save?

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yeah you have a backup save of your save file and you can just edit its name and use it to replace a corrupted save

I doubt it’ll work, i might have accidentally permasaved it, but I’ll try.

It’s worked for me before, its worth a shot

Nope, didn’t work. Like I said, I accidentally saved/quit when i had nothing before i realized what I;d done, so im pretty sure i’m screwed.

I’ve already obtained replacements for what I think was the most important stuff, though; all I was really missing otherwise was some grinder food legendaries and a set of vladof nades and jack class mods. Gotten through Bosun since posting this.

Do you still have the items you were equipped with? What about your skins, heads and Golden Keys?

Happened to me 2 nights ago on Xbox and there is another, separate post from mine on the same thing.

I lost everything: backpack inventory, skins/heads and 176 golden keys.

I kept all the intangibles - currency, skill points, and customizations. Just my gear that was gone. My entire backpack, empty.

golden keys?

Still got those. Again, it’s just the weapons and gear that are gone.

you’re actually pretty lucky then. sucks to lose the loot but you can get that back.

Yeah, as I said I’ve managed to claw my way back. Did panic majorly, though.

Gotta say, really enjoying playing Jack, at least as much as I did with Nisha.

yeah, he is fun. I’m loving it a level 70 with him…well, that was until I lost everything now i’m scrambling as well to get it back.