Losing connection to ALL games


I would like to report a gamebreaking issue happening on Xbox One. I am losing connection to ALL games when I’m either browsing youtube on my laptop computer (this include going on youtube without actually watching a video), or downloading a game on my xbox one while playing. This includes losing connection to any multiplayer matches either in versus or story mode but also losing connection while playing alone on a solo story mission.

My xbox is connected to my modem via rj45, I have a 290mbps connection, 8ms ping, using optic fiber. I can totally do several things on the internet while maintaining a perfect connection quality for online gaming. I’m located in France if this is a server issue.

This bug is ONLY happening with Battleborn so the issue is on your side.

I opened the specific NAT/PAT port advised on your website but the issue is still happening.

This is getting really frustrating as this will happen every minute or so and almost immediately if I decide to browse youtube.

Is anyone else having the same problem ? Could some of you try to recreate the bug ?


Ticket was sent to the support as well as tweets so please come back at me…

Alright, this is also happening with any other video streaming website : Netflix etc.